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Bangladesh and beyond, part two

After reading all of your suggestions and opinions on charitable organizations and then consulting with persons who have much more experience with this kind of work than I do, I’ve decided to give the Yahoo! donation to Save the Children for a couple of reasons. First, they not only do great work here in the states, but they also have a presence in Bangladesh. And I’d like to honor those people on the other side of the world who let me into their homes and lives.

They’ve got a good reputation and a fantastic score on Charity Navigator.

Yahoo! is donating $10,000. Aside from what Yahoo is doing Jon and I thought that if any of you in the community want to make a monetary contribution to Save the Children as well that we, Armstrong Media, LLC, will match what you give. We’ll keep this open for two weeks and then tally it up and announce it. (No, we are not going to steal your money. This is me putting my money where my mouth is.)

Thank you to everyone who made a recommendation. We’ll definitely be doing more of this in the future!


This post is part of a two-part series sponsored by Yahoo!

Every time someone clicks here to make Yahoo! their homepage, they’re showing their support for my charity.

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