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The Armstrongs, 2011

Sunday afternoon after Marlo’s nap we all got a little dressed up so that Cami could take our family portrait. And let me just take a moment here to express an opinion: I cannot wait for Marlo to be done with naps. (covers ears because of the deafening gasps, ducks head because tomatoes tend to stain)

When Leta finally grew out of her nap I thought we would all die. Life was going to be miserable and we might as well just throw up our hands, lie on the ground, and wait for the bugs to feast on our decaying corpses. You know, optimistic. Anticipatory!

Turns out life got so much better. We no longer had to plan our entire life around that nap, that scheming dictator, that bitter ex who stalks you on Facebook. Because when Leta needed a nap and didn’t take one, OH HOLY HELL, there was no talking her off of that ledge, she was going to jump and it would be the most dramatic jump in cinematic history.

Without that nap we could leave the house for hours and hours. We didn’t have to worry about loud noises waking her up. AND! She was old enough that on the days when we really needed a break, a break that her nap would have given us, she could entertain herself. We just had to make sure the pipes and bongs were stashed in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

What. Where do you stash your bong?

Marlo is exactly like Leta in that she really needs to nap. Except when she misses a nap her phenomenal breakdown is a bit delayed. She’ll be fine for the rest of that day. It’s the following day that we brace for The Blanket Wars: wherein Marlo is so miserable that she just wants to lie on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her, except she can’t get the blanket on her body the right way. In fact, THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY, trust me, we’ve tried every single way, so instead of just accepting that the blanket wrapping technique is CLOSE ENOUGH, she lies on the floor, kicks her feet, and reminds us why we decided to pay for that vasectomy.

ANYWAY, the rest of us got showered and dressed while Marlo napped, and then when she woke up I told Cami, look, we’ve got a limited amount of time with this kid. She’s that bus in that movie where if it stops it blows up. Good luck getting us all in one shot. No pressure! Remember! These are going in your portfolio!

You guys, that woman can wield a camera.

  • deborahjmum

    Lovely, lovely, beautiful family, but I just have to say that you Heather could do SO much better than the PP haircut. Love pretty much everything else about the pictures — the spontaneity is refreshing compared to most family photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • PeggyMomma

    OMGosh…what great pictures! Cami done good 🙂

  • Cooky

    Armstrongs rock! These pics are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    And BTW — I’m NOT telling you where I stash my bong 🙂

  • ThePeanut


  • Rlymoody

    I now want some Purple glasses….

  • wilg1

    I love all of them, but my favorite is the four of you together.

    Kudos to Cami and her four photogenic subjects.

  • Nuffie

    Beautiful pictures, your personalities definitely shine trough! Just disappointed that Leta and Marlo are wearing prettier shoes than you 😉

  • Absent Minded Housewife

    These offend me. I haven’t figured out what it is that offends me yet but as soon as I do, and after I regain my normal rate of breathing and digestion, I’m gonna post pics of my own. Neener!

    Can Cami go back in time and take decent pictures of me at age 11 after my gay sister cut my hair into a mullet? That’s not too much to ask, right? Because nothing looked right about me at that age.

  • wicked opinion

    I like the ease and casual feel of these pictures. Studio pictures are usually so STIFF, although that’s what makes them hilarious later. These are comfortable and make me smile. I love the shot of Leta sitting and doing the “John Travolta” dance move! and the 2 sisters sitting so nice and not biting each other?….awww.

  • missusclark

    Sweet baby jesus, Bobo is so damn cute, I can’t stand it! And Leta looks so much like Jon…. You, Heather, are looking trim stylish and confident. Jon looks relaxed.

    Mission accomplished!

  • jaclyngelb

    Great photos although I have to say I am completely puzzled by both last year’s and this year’s group shots with regards to compatible clothing colors/styles/patterns. I love your style and mix of colors and textures in your design work; have you considered styling your family prior to the shoot? Just a suggestion and I write only because I am a big fan, from the early days 🙂

  • jleigh


  • dianemaggipintovoiceover

    jon looks like he’s shed a few pounds. y’all are looookin’ good.

    family photos? oh right. i should do that.

  • cory212

    Beautiful photos!! Beautiful girls!

  • LillyO

    Leta is ROCKIN’ those glasses…they are beautiful!

    I LOVE the one where Jon has Marlo upside down…I sense it’s the ONLY way he can contain her…and yet, she is LOVING it…ha!

    And a personal THANK YOU for not being in matching outfits; although I suspect Jon would rock a skirt like nobody’s biz’nez.

  • specialkrispy

    No, really. Are you going to tell us where you got Marlo’s shoes? Or – when she outgrows them, can I have them for my daughter?

  • melissa_anderson725

    Ya. Seriously. We need the shoe info. My girls need new casual school shoes and they would love those.

  • BostonNic

    Marlo’s outfit? WANT IT. I’m 34 years old. And I hate pink. But I’m pretty sure I need that outfit.

  • CalypsoRodeo

    Really excellent pics. LOVE The last one though.. Leta is going to be a heartbreaker!!!
    Marlo… oh how I love those sweet pigtails..

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