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New Tunes – DCR Music

Ok, so this is just rad, pardon my Eighties.

Damon Albarn (he who occupies a spot on my list) traveled to the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo and spent five days with local musicians and performers to put together an album called Kinshasa One Two. All proceeds from the album go to Oxfam to help with the work they are doing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The album doesn’t drop until October 3rd, but you can stream some of the songs here. It’s wildly eclectic, if I may be so redundant.

This track called “Hallo” is my favorite:

I love that Albarn is helping out with what he does best: music. And I imagine that those five days transformed his life. Here is the trailer for the album:

(via Pitchfork)

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