Playful, elegant, and not above the judicious use of the word “shit."

Give em whiplash

Maggie: “Her name is Nicki Min-EYE.”

Helen Jane: “?????”

Maggie: “I heard her pronounce it that way.”

Me: “Maggie, I’m pretty sure it’s Nicki Min-AHHHJJJ.

Helen Jane: [staying out of this, staying out of this, staying out of this]

Me: “Here, wait. Let me find that Kanye song where she rhymes it with MENAGE.”

Maggie: “Min-EYE.”

Me: “Min-AHHHJJJ.”


Me: “Listen to this—”

Maggie: “This is not something I am willing to argue about.”

Me: “Min-AHH—”

Maggie: “Goodnight.”

Helen Jane: “Where are the cookies?”

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