the smell of my desperation has become a stench


The highlight of my weekend up at MaxFunCon (when I was able to stop feeling sorry for myself, put on clothes and remind myself that even if the bottom totally falls out and I end up back in my mother’s basement, I will have so much content to write about stealing my stepfather’s bologna and his violent overreaction) was the comedy show on Saturday night featuring the following talent. I want to showcase them here because they all brought me some much needed laughter when I was feeling like such crap. And they may never see this or know about it, but I’m pretty sure that’s what comedians live for: making privileged white girls feel better.

(NOTE: some of these clips feature language not suitable for your grandmother. Shove her out of the chair and stick pencils in her ears.)

Maria Bamford (website, twitter)

W. Kamau Bell (website, twitter)

Chris Fairbanks (website, twitter)

Cameron Esposito (website, twitter)

Steve Agee (website, twitter)

Heather B. Armstrong

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