That which rivals Disneyland

Today is the first day that it has rained in over a month, and we had plans to head up to the community pool with Carol and her kids. But, you know. Lightning and possible death and similar boring technicalities.

Leta normally attends camp during the week, but since yesterday was a holiday I didn’t think it would be a big deal to keep her home today so that she could spend several hours with Carol’s daughter, Ella. It’s something she’s wanted to do all week, and today was the only day both of their schedules allowed for any crossover. And then we woke up this morning and the sky was boohooing it’s brains out. And I was like, oh SHUT UP. I’m the dramatic one, here, SKY. Unless, of course, the sky just got back from a family reunion in Wyoming where six women were simultaneously menstruating. Then I’ll understand.

Leta was really disappointed, and as we were trying to figure out a different activity I checked my email and got a notice from the library informing me that she had four books due this week. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that immediately, because all I had to do was say the first syllable, “Li—” and suddenly all that meth she took yesterday kicked in.

The Salt Lake City Public Library, Leta’s favorite place on earth.

Ella is a few grades ahead of Leta, and they spent an hour browsing new books for Leta to read. So, super fun for Leta because she has a ton of new reading material, and fun for Ella because she got to share her favorites with a friend. When they grow up Ella can yell at Leta just like her mom yells at me because I don’t put enough ice in her gin and tonic. (Carol likes to try and kill the earth by using all those unnecessary ice cubes. It’s so stupid.)

Suddenly I saw Leta duck and hide behind one of the bookcases. And when I walked over to ask her what was going on she shout-whispered, “OHMYGOSH! MY CAMP! THEY TOOK A FIELD TRIP HERE TODAY!”

“Oh, cool!” I said. “Have you said hi?”

“I can’t say hi! They probably think I’m at home sick!” she said breathlessly.

“It’s okay, Leta,” I said. “Camp is a little different than school. You’re not going to get penalized for staying home.”

“But I’m not at home, MOM!” She was grinning at this point and started to laugh quietly at the coincidence. “I just happen to be out HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER.”