The Winter of Our Disthcontent

Marlo and Leta in the snow photo by Heather B. Armstrong for

When the two-day storm came to an end Sunday afternoon the final tally of snow at the house was around 20 inches. I know you know math, but I’m going to go ahead and point out that that’s a foot and a half plus two more inches equals too much snow multiplied by insanity.

Since it was only, what? The first week of November? Yeah. The first week. Well, technically, it started snowing on the 9th, so not precisely the first week, but this is my website and I get to make up facts. FIRST WEEK IT IS. I hadn’t broken out the heavy duty snow gear yet, didn’t think I’d need to for at least another week. And if you had asked me where the snow gear is I’d have answered, “What? Do I look like I have any idea what I’m doing? And please move, I can’t see Tyra with you standing in front of the TV.”

But Marlo really, really, really wanted to play in the sthnow. I rationalized it this way: if the bottom half of their bodies freeze and fall off, at least they will still have working torsos.

Marlo only suffered minor frostbite.