The 2012 Giving Thanks Giveaway continued

So the never-ending saga that was the Giving Thanks Giveaway 2012, Facebook edition has finally reached a conclusion, a happy one for two individuals. Two? Yes, two. You see, the message I sent the first winner did not go through until I sent her a followup message to tell her that she had not responded in time. You can imagine how disappointing and frustrating this must have been for her, but she was nothing but gracious and understanding. I felt terrible but wanted to stick to the official rules in case anyone decided to get prickly with me.

And then it happened again. I chose another winner and she didn’t get the message until I sent a follow up one. When I realized what was happening I didn’t feel right not awarding the first winner her due prize. So I made an executive decision: there are two winners, each one receiving a $1,000 cash card that I am dropping in the mail today.

Contest ID: 2503
Facebook UID: 1171884662
Name: Dawn-l Harris

Contest ID: 4631
Facebook UID: 650117394
Name: Tresa Hatfield Beard

This week I’m awarding a $1,000 cash card to a random member of the dooce® Community. First, you should read the official rules. Then, all you need to do is leave an answer to this question:

If you were a stripper, what would be your nickname?

On Thursday night at 10PM Mountain Time I’ll pick a winner using

That’s it.

Thanks for all your patience, and I can’t wait to read your answers.