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Salt Lake City Design Camp

I’m not sure how my friend Anna Beth talked me into this… wait. Yes I do. Of course I do. That woman would walk up to some guy fishing along a river, set her hand on her hip and go, “Why are you using that thing?” And then she’d turn and yell at the fish to get out of the water. They’d hop up on the bank desperately afraid that they hadn’t done it fast enough. And she’d be all, DUH.

She’s holding a Mini Design Camp here in Salt Lake City on Sunday, January 27. At my house. Here. With me and Chuck and Coco and a shit ton of champagne. It’s your turn to bring the weed.

Just kidding. But seriously, your turn.

It’s going to be super fun and only a little bit confusing because for the first time since I’ve known her, she has short hair and I have long hair. Will we even know how to talk to each other?

Her camps teach you things like:

– decorating on a budget
– traditional room layouts
– how to create inspiration boards
– tricks that stylists use
– how to match your vibrator to your linens

You should come if you’re in town. The Southern accents will be flying.

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