the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Stuff I found while looking around


Sculptures made out of and inside books

Extremely Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris

In defense of the pit bull:

We have tragically betrayed our children’s beloved nanny-dogs, raising them irresponsibly, training them to be aggressive and then turning them into pariahs when they behave as any dog would in similar circumstances.

Crayon creatures: figurines made from children’s drawings

WTF, Evolution?

– You’ve probably seen some of these, but holy holy holy holy ho ho ho.

Church says ‘told you so’ as all marriages collapse:

“Suddenly gays can get married and I’m leaving my wife because I’ve got a new girlfriend. That’s the gay agenda at work right there.”

Gorgeous design portfolio of Louise Fili.

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

– No, those aren’t tears in my eyes. My face is just raining.

12 Ways To Annoy A DJ

Get This Look: Sandwiches

– “No, I did not eat the sprinkles.

– If only everyone were this generous.

Once upon a time…

A few of my favorite recent tweets:

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