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Portfolio of JeanYves Lemoigne

– Very cute: Oz-abet (an Oz Alphabet)

And this is why I will never swim in the ocean again.

Archie Out of Context

11 things it took me 42 years to learn:

3. Let your dreams change.

Life slips by quickly when you sacrifice your current happiness for imagined future happiness for an extended amount of time. People tell you to do what you love. That’s not an expression, it’s a philosophy. Switch your dreams to something that makes you happy right now, not hopefully happy later. 

– SPOLIER ALERT: Paying homage to “those we have lost” in Game of Thrones.

– NERD ALERT: Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones

It’s Finally Ironic: “It’s like rain on your wedding day, a day and place you chose because it’s known not to rain.”

Every single day last week.

Rappers and Cereal

The Worst Portfolio Ever

20 searches made ridiculous by Google autocomplete

– “I took a series of 1950’s and 60’s-era coffee commercials from the Prelinger Archives and edited them down to just the moments when the guys were the biggest jerks to their wives about coffee.”

Dirty library: “Hard times force the whole Berenstein ‘family’ back into the Tree House and the sexual tension becomes unbearable!”

– This thing just needs to shut up already with its cuteness: Ippo the Baby Zonkey, A Cross Between a Zebra and a Donkey

– Hm. Someone isn’t really thinking about road construction.

Two-Sentence Horror Stories are actually pretty chilling

A few of my favorite recent tweets: