At the hearth

The move is officially over, although the unpacking has just begun and is likely to continue until after the Second Coming of Our Lord and Savior when all the righteous people are in heaven and I’m left behind with a whole bunch of old textbooks from college that I just can’t get rid of. You have those, too, right? That huge biology textbook with all the diagrams? Like, when I explain mitosis to Leta I’m going to need something to reference. Of course I can’t throw it out.

I brought in the dog beds and tossed them on the floor in temporary places until I could figure out where everything would fit. Somehow this bed ended up directly in the middle of the fireplace, the best place in the living room. There’s a story to tell about Chuck and what happened the first full day in the house, but for right now I can sum up his feelings like this: “I’m sitting my ass right here and the rest of you fuckers can go off and die.”