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Cami Cami Bo-Bami

Last night Cami joined us for dinner, and because the girls hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks it was as if I had invited the president over for a piñata party. Marlo wanted to show her everything in her room even though everything in her room is exactly like it was in the old house. There is her bed! Her pillow! There is her puppy! AND LOOK! THERE IS A WINDOW! IN HER ROOM! Cami was duly impressed.

I love that the girls are settling in and eager to show friends the new place. Every day when Leta gets home from school she walks in, sets down her backpack and says, “This place really is like a hotel.” She’s constantly fascinated that most of the house is carpeted whereas the old house had hardwood floors in every room. Had I known carpet would make her this happy I would have lined her walls with it years ago.

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