the smell of my desperation has become a stench


Last night when Cami came for dinner we spent most of the evening outside soaking in the 65 degree weather. Salt Lake City is experiencing a brief, unusual warm spell and today we might even see the thermometer reach 70 degrees. If I hear of anyone in this valley casually mentioning that the worst of this winter is finally over, I am going to drive over there and twist their nipples. DO NOT UTTER THOSE WORDS, PERSON. STOP. ZIP. NOPE. NUH UH.

I cannot wait to shed my huge, shin-high winter boots and set my toes free. This may be one of my favorite things about warmer weather, the ability to slip on a simple pair of sandals and feel the sun on my feet. So I will take these few warm days and count them as a gift and preview of things to come and maybe splurge on a pair of strappy sandals to wear in celebration when it decides to stick around.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Jura Strappy Sandals $195

2. Nine West Women’s Missfitz Wedge Sandal $89

3. Michael Antonio Dennings $45

4. GAP Strappy Sandals $39.95

5. ALDO Talulah $50

6. Kacie Sandal $109

7. Nine West Joeley $79

8. Seychelles Women’s Thyme Sandal $94.95

9. Nine West Myriad Gray Leather Wedge Sandals $36

10. Ava Sandals by Michael Kors $250

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