the smell of my desperation has become a stench

The pattern on the inside of my brain

About 90% of the shirts I own are striped in one way or another, a fact that Cami likes to point out in a sometimes mocking tone as if to say, “Can’t you express your crazy in a more flamboyant way?”

Actually, isn’t that the perfect way? It’s OCD and obsession and fixation all wrapped up in a very graphic presentation. Do not try to control my crazy, okay?

So this collection of inspiration here, this one is for those of us who like things a certain way, and please. Stop. Do not move that salt shaker. It’s facing north for a reason.

1. Ombre stripe U-neck T $14.99

2. Calvin Klein Women’s Stripe Crew Roll Sleeve $44.99

3. Frenchstripe Column Dress $178

4. Painter elbow-sleeve boatneck tee $42.50

5. Lucky Brand Women’s Spring Tie Dye Henley $44.50

6. Bria Striped Maxi Dress $169

7. QSW Women’s Inlet Stripe Maxi $68

8. Soft Joie Crimson Stripe Top $88

9. Love Stripe Dress With Cut Out Back $63.18

10. Bistro dress in ridgestripe $118

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