the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Early evening in the nook

These roses were left over from Dane’s 21st birthday party, so I haphazardly stuck them in a vase and put them in the middle of the kitchen table which is nestled into the sunniest nook in the house. I can’t wait for all those trees to bloom and fill in because I think it will then feel like we are living in a tree house. Swiss Family Armstrong!

I love that I bought this table to fit in a specific space in the old house and it fits perfectly here. This table with all its scratches and dents from years of use—Lucky Charms for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch for the day crew, frozen pizza (and more Lucky Charms) for dinner, hours of math homework before bed—is something that I will pass down to Leta when she eventually gets her own place. She’ll see that nick near the center leaf of the table and remember when Marlo got so mad she thought she’d bite some wood. And she’ll think, man. She sure showed us.

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