Hello, Cleveland!

I made it to Columbus, you guys. I may have had to knock over a few people standing in the middle of an escalator at the Atlanta airport as I sprinted from one terminal to another, people who should have understood the unwritten courtesy STAND TO THE RIGHT. I bet they didn’t know they had to take off their belt before going through security. An angry mob is coming for them, ready to hitch them to a dirty bathroom stall. They were warned.

I stayed through the weekend because I’ve never been to Ohio, and on Saturday I took a quick day trip to Cleveland to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As a born and raised Memphian, I hovered around the Elvis exhibit a bit too long to make sure they were giving him the attention and credit he is due. Yes, he misappropriated a culture that was not his own and made it somewhat safe for the mainstream to embrace, but if you’ve ever been to Graceland and seen the level of Crazy that is manifest in the carpet of the Jungle Room, you’re like, hey. Dude was for real.

Further discussion of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to come and I want you to bring your adamant opinions.