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Frying her brain

In the chaos of getting both of us out the door and to the airport last Friday, we forgot to pack the book Leta is in the middle of reading. We packed all the phones and iPads and their respective chargers for a trip where there would be no power outlets, but we forgot the book. Sunday afternoon while waiting hours for our plane she had reached that point of boredom where NOTHING IS OKAY. All the games on the iPad were BORING. Life was TERRIBLE. We were all going to DIE.

So I found a wireless connection, set up the Kindle on her phone, and downloaded two books to keep her occupied for the rest of the day. It was like I had downloaded gold and chocolate and Jesus Christ himself. BOOKS ON HER PHONE. WHAT? Suddenly everything was AMAZING. Life was the best it had EVER been. She could read all of the books that had ever been written in the history of ever!

Kids these days. They don’t even have to turn pages.

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