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An attempt to draw all the buildings in New York by James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator originally from Australia currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

“I almost shipped my pants laughing at this.”

– If Game Of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook

Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Chases a Duckling While Riding a Roomba Vacuum

60 thoughts about turning 60:

23. Sixty observations is suddenly feeling like quite a lot, to be honest.

25 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

This is just so beautiful:

After learning my flight was detained 4 hours,
 I heard the announcement:
 if anyone in the vicinity of gate 4-A understands any Arabic,
 please come to the gate immediately.

The History of Typography – Animated Short: A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography. 291 Paper Letters. 2,454 Photographs. 140 hours of work.

Bastille covers Bruno Mars with a little bit of The xx thrown in.

– Why is this so hilarious: compilation of animals trying to stay awake. You’re an animal for crying out loud. It’s not like you’re in a meeting or have to pay bills. JUST GO TO SLEEP ALREADY.

The complete guide to sleeping at work:

Australian researchers writing in Nature Journal compared the performances of people who’d not slept for 28 hours with those with a blood alcohol level of 0.10% (the US drink-driving limit is 0.08%) and found the impairment on performance to be nearly identical.

– If it weren’t for the awful music, I could watch this all day: Follow me on Twitter

– Illustrator Kevin McShane draws himself as a character from 100 different cartoons

Cartoonists demand action to end gun violence

I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet:

By late 2012, I’d learned how to make a new style of wrong choices off the internet. I abandoned my positive offline habits, and discovered new offline vices. Instead of taking boredom and lack of stimulation and turning them into learning and creativity, I turned toward passive consumption and social retreat.

A scientific look at the pain of childbirth vs the pain of getting kicked in the balls.

A few of my favorite recent tweets: