This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Coping mechanisms

In order to combat the hopeless sense of boredom that overcomes Leta when she is faced with an afternoon of no planned activities, I had her write a list of things she can do at home so that she can reference it for ideas. I thought she’d balk at the idea, but she grabbed that pen and filled the front and back of that piece of paper. The list includes:

– Play on the iPad
– Play on the Wii U
– Play with Barbies
– Read
– Play with Marlo and jump on the bed
– Ask mom if I can play on her computer (it might work)

I love that. “It might work.” Sometimes I tell her no because I’ve got a million things open and even though she has her own login, I get freaked that the hard drive will crash and we’ll all die.

We keep that piece of paper in a very specific place on the countertop in the kitchen so that when she’s bored can run down the list and choose something. So far, it’s working. But I won’t be surprised if we get to a point where she’s like, “UGH. Not that list AGAIN!”

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