First day of camp

Today the girls start summer camp, and because both of their programs involve quite a bit of swimming it’s time yet again for the daily battle with sunscreen. The aerosol cans are helpful for their long arms and legs, but the lotion for their faces is the tricky part: making sure I cover their necks and ears and foreheads, rubbing it in so that they don’t look like ghosts, keeping it from getting into their eyes. And then there’s Marlo who wants to help. World’s Worst Helper.

You don’t see it here because I took the photo before applying sunscreen to their faces (I didn’t want to touch my camera with post-sunscreen hands), but Marlo reached up as I was applying it to her forehead, got a wad of it on her hands and rubbed it all over her shirt which she referred to as “putting sthunsthcreen on.” I told her to aim for a body part next time.