the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Post-camp cool down

The first week of camp was a bit of an intense ride for both girls, mostly for Marlo who is not used to having that many consecutive hours of scheduled recreational activities. On the second day of camp when I walked in to pick her up, she was curled up with three other kids listening to a counselor reading a book. When she casually glanced my way and saw me watching her she leapt up, ran to to me and said, “Mom! I’ve wanted you all of the times!”

Her arms gripped my neck like never before, and I will never forget how tiny she felt as she hung against my chest. The smell of sunscreen. The tears in my eyes.

When we got home she was too exhausted and delirious to do anything but watch television. And yes. I am one of those parents who lets her kids have a ton of screen time.

Hooray for parental controls!

Guilty as charged. Lock me up because I don’t feel bad about the crime.

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