Marlo and Maeve

Saturday afternoon my mother and I took the girls to see my cousin McKenzie’s 10-day-old baby. They named her Maeve, and she is very much a Boone baby (my mother’s side of the family), all dark hair and full eyebrows and olive skin. She will probably grow up to tell one hell of a fart joke.

I showed Marlo a picture of her before we headed over, and she said, “But Kenzie’sth belly isth sthill really, really, really big.”

“Not anymore,” I explained. “The baby came out. The baby is what made her belly big.”

“YOU’RE WRONG!” she yelled. “Kenzie’sth belly will alwaysth be big! ALWAYSTH!”

This kid and and her ongoing denial of science. So help me god if I’m raising a Republican.