The beginning of heavy textbooks

Am I supposed to be excited that Leta is headed back to school soon? Because I most certainly am not at all, and the reasons are varied starting with MY CHILD IS GROWING TOO FAST. Fourth grade. I have a fourth grader. I MYSELF was in fourth grade, like, a week ago.

Some of the other reasons I’m not excited:
– math homework
– math homework
– math homework

We did all her supply shopping over the weekend which included a new backpack, the only supply she got excited about. I was like, you aren’t excited about this here box of pencils? Well aren’t you demanding. Here are a few ideas I found online in case your kid needs a supply he or she can be bothered to care about.

1. River Island Backpack $50.63

2. Senior sequin striped backpack $39.95

3. Off-white Canvas Backpack $18.25

4. BDG Lightweight Nylon Convertible Backpack $15

5. Herschel Supply Co ‘Parker’ Backpack $50

6. MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Later Gator Fullpack Bag $60

7. Vera Bradley Backpack $89

8. J. Carrot Striped Fleece Backpack $49.99

9. Vans Deana Backpack $38

10. MadPax ‘Blok’ Backpack $60

11. Olive Drab – Classic Army Style Backpack $36.49