Countertop adventures

Marlo: “Mom, can you bring the bathtub downstairsth?”

Me: “Do what?”

Marlo: “The bathtub. I wanna play in the water.”

Me: “How do I explain this… the bathtub is sort of a permanent fixture, Marlo. It stays in the bathroom. I can’t move it.”

Marlo: “But I want you to bring it down here.”

Me: “How about you sit here at the counter and I pour some water into a bowl and you can play with that.”

Marlo: “That’sth not a bathtub.”

Me: “It’s the next best thing.”

Marlo: “But it’sth not a bathtub.”

Me: “I’m not sure what to tell you, kid. I can’t move the bathtub.”

Marlo: “I’ll go get Leta and sthe will move it for me.”