Guess who broke her glasses again

Okay, I guess in June she didn’t technically “break” them. She set them down somewhere at camp and lost them. And then yesterday when I picked her up from school she didn’t have them on.

“Where are your glasses? I asked her.

“They’re broken,” she answered.

And then the conversation went like this:

Eventually she came up with a story about falling, but it didn’t hurt, it just broke the glasses, and see? They’re really broken and she can’t wear them anymore ever again. So while Leta was at piano lessons last night we went and had them fixed. For free. Because we bought the warranty. The lovely woman who looked up our account laughed when she pulled it up.

“I see this isn’t the first time this warranty has come in handy,” she said.

Hahaha. Ha. HA. NOPE. NOT THE FIRST OR THE LAST. See you next week when that big monster strikes again.