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The portfolio of photographer Michael Wolf

An uninsured physician assistant learns first hand the cost of care:

Then the bills started to arrive. The full tab for an ER visit, a CT scan, a dose of IV antibiotics and hospital admission came to more than $30,000 — and that was without an appendectomy.

– Want to know what a nine-year-old is like on a weekend with nothing planned? This.

– After I get chickens I’m getting one of these.

Liar Town USA

11 hidden messages in company logos

Creator of the GIF says it is pronounced “Jif”

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no: 18-Foot Oarfish Livens Up A ‘Leisurely Snorkel’ In California

– A Month of Son, Love The Unknown:

Now, when people ask me if my son will one day live independently, or have a job, or find a partner, I answer them honestly: “I don’t know”. I no longer pretend that I have any idea what will happen in the next year or decade.  And I’m so much happier this way.  

– A very fun read: The 10 Most Dangerous Places In New York City

– Having a bad day? Not anymore: “Chocolate things, chocolate thingies… more chocolate thingies.”

– “They rode around exploring Portland, in areas they both had never been to. Both film photographers. Both so attracted to the way each other saw the world. Both falling in love with each other.”

– Trailer for Dear Mr. Watson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes

Average house size by country

– Guns ‘N Roses’ Sweet Child o’ Mine played on a Guzheng


A few of my favorite recent tweets: