Winter blues

We’re in the middle of a small snowstorm today, so every road and lawn and surface is covered with a layer of white. But the beginning of the year always feels coated with blue. Not in the sense of feeling melancholy, but in the sense of being cold and crisp, of things being wiped clean, like the color of the tide as it slides up and levels the sand.

Blue is and always has been my favorite color. Leta will often tell me that she knows this about me, and when she does she usually asks a variation of why:

“Because of your eyes?”

“Because of Marlo’s eyes?”

“Because you like the ocean?”

“Because it’s the color of the sky?”

I could answer, “Because of my butt.” But sometimes I show her mercy and say, “Because it feels fresh and new.”

Here’s to embracing this season.

1. Color Hit Nail Polish $5

2. Color-block cotton-jersey top $108.50

3. Reebok 15lb Kettlebell $39.99

4. Nine West Patent Small Wristlet Wallet $14

5. Abstract Wall Art $199

6. Kate Spade Croc Metro Watch $175

7. Leather Front Plate Waist Belt $32.67

8. Cushion cut bracelet $34

9. Jonathan Adler Palm Pareo Scarf $28.48

10. Blue Ikat Bed Cover- Queen $200

11. Modernist vase $49

12. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, Cornflower Blue $349