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Hand-dipped vases

I’ve had a gift card to Target burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas so I hopped over there yesterday and had a brief internal battle about how to use it. Yes, I could have used it to buy toothpaste or the shampoo that I’m almost out of or to replenish the dish soap for the kitchen. Practical but totally boring. Instead I decided to go for something more playful and bought a few small things that will bring some beauty (and therefore joy) to my everyday life. I found these hand-dipped vases for the kitchen table and loved the idea of a pop of yellow in that part of the house, a nook you see right when you walk in from the garage. (I couldn’t find them on their website, but these come close.) I bought those plates from Anthropologie over three years ago and they have finally found their decorative place in this house. A treat for my eyes.

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