Sand and surf and sea

I was taking a picture of this just for the sake of its insanely intense color on the beach in Maui when the guy walking by asked, “Oh, you found a sea turtle!”

“I DID?!” I screamed jumping up and backwards. Not that a sea turtle in and of itself is scary, but one appearing out of thin air? Startling.

“Oh, this is where they hang out,” he explained. “That’s what they feed on. I thought maybe you had found one.”

I had to pull my shoulders off of my ears.

“Yeah, no,” I said. “I’m just taking pictures of, well, this stuff.” I waved my hand over all the green growth. He looked at me like I was insane. I wanted to say, listen. People Instagram their food all the time. I’m only a little bit crazier to document the food of turtles for them.