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Stuff I found while looking around


– Ido Yehimovitz’s Greatest Rides

– This right here is for my niece Sienna who is on her high school track team.

Is it better to rent or buy?

– Utah is just so damn adorable.

Modern-Day Slavery in America’s Prison Workforce:

After six months of work, Hazen left prison the way most people do: with a criminal record, no meaningful job experience beyond what she went in with, and not even enough savings to buy a suit for a job interview ($43).

– Because you need a good cry (don’t say I didn’t warn you): Ryland’s story

– Follow that up with some laughter: Cellphone crashing in Beverly Hills

Everything You Don’t Know About Tipping:

Effort matters: Food delivery guys are undertipped—they’re like a waiter except your table is on the other side of the city. $2 really isn’t a sufficient tip (and one delivery guy I talked to said 20% of people tip nothing)—$3 or $4 is much better. And when it’s storming outside? The delivery guys I talked to all said the tips don’t change in bad weather—that’s not logical.

– Infographic: Songs of Summer

– Bridger Winegar’s pinterest account

– I really admire people who are strong enough to do CrossFit, but I’m still laughing so hard I can’t breathe: CrossFit Fails

Some of my favorite recent tweets:

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