Should clearly indicate whether or not I’m raising them Paleo


Normally I limit Marlo’s afternoon snacks to something a tad more natural than a packet of flavored sugar, but someone in her class had a birthday yesterday and brought these in to share with everyone. She had to wait all day long to eat it, and because I was hit over the head with a wave of nostalgia I let her. Leta walked by several times and quickly stuck her finger in the pile on the countertop to steal a taste, resulting in a quick BARK! from Marlo each time. It was her packet of flavored sugar, LETA.

Last night before tucking Leta into bed she and I shared a moment and both took turns doing an imitation of Marlo saying that: “IT’S MY TREAT, LEEDAAAAH.” In order to properly convey how that sounds, just chew Leta’s name in your mouth like a piece of taffy.

Even after a shower and several tooth brushings Marlo’s mouth still looks exactly like this.