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Tis the season

Last week I got a wild hair while preparing myself for a conference in Boston and painted my nails an actual color for the first time in three years:

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Something about that color felt seasonally appropriate, a touch of warmth as the temperatures continue to fall. Now I’m noticing shades of red everywhere and… wait… what’s that called? Let me find it… Baader-Meinhof phenomenon! Sure, Christmas is around the corner and with that comes all the accompanying red decorations, but I usually have my head down and am not paying attention until it’s absolutely necessary. This year I’m being drawn to this color, seeking it out, wishing I had splashes of it in every room. Come December 26th I may not be holding to that opinion any longer, but right now I’m not putting up a fight.

1. Ayygift Polka Dot Umbrella $19.99

2. NARS Lip Gloss in Eternal Red $26

3. Royal Stewart Tartan Premium Wool Throw $90

4. Evelyn Table Lamp $199

5. Bi-Color Wool Dress $229

6. Woodlands Stoneware Teapot $22

7. Thank You Card by Maddy Nye of Yours Madly $4

8. Damara Rug $499

9. Heart Pajamas $128

10. Samsara Fragrance by Guerlain $110

11. Fjällräven Kånken $100

12. Bowery Crimson Settee $3399

13. ‘420’ New Balance Sneaker $69.95

14. Kartell Stone Stool $290

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