Lunching in style

Leta is in desperate need of a new lunchbox (lunch sack? lunch carrier? lunch receptacle?) and she most certainly does not want to use the old princess one she used in first grade that I kept because nostalgia. When she leaves for college I’m going to cradle that thing and weep, people. I’ll be like, remember when this used to be filled with food that contained no color or taste or smell? I MISS HER PICKINESS!

She wants something a little more mature now that she’s almost eleven (SOMEONE PLEASE HOLD ME). Nothing too adult, something fun but not outrageous. So I went looking for options because I am her mother and personal shopper.

1. Fuel Cell Lunch Bag $30

2. “The Jude” Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag By Spade and Sprout $21.95

3. Bentgo Insulated Lunch Bag $7.99

4. Fluf Organic Lunch Bag $29

5. ORE Originals Good Lunch Sack $17.99

6. Good Lunch Snack Sack Pack $13.65

7. Banded Lunch Box $10

8. Built NY Gourmet Getaway Dazzle Lunch Tote $25.99

9. Fruits + Veggies Lunch Bag by Meeschmosh $16

10. BAGGU Standard Reusable Shopping Bag $9

11. Handi Reusable Brown Paper Insulated Lunch Bag $15.58

12. Kamibukuro Lunch Bag by Hanelca $45

13. Oil Cloth Lunch Bag by Cute Bright Things $15

14. Peg And Awl Marlowe Lunch Bag $44

15. Dots Furoshiki Bag by Link $66