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Wat Arun

While trying to catch up this month I’ve been processing the hundreds of photos I took last year that I owe to certain people. This was taken at Wat Arun in Bangkok last June while I was there with The Exodus Road. We had a few free hours leading up to our flights home and chose to visit this spot in the city with that time. I’m super acrophobic but agreed to climb the very steep and very narrow steps that lead to a balcony high on the central tower of this temple. And then very promptly had a panic attack.

Like, full on. I was certain I was going to fall right over the edge and splat head first into another tourist.

Not the zen experience you might expect from such a magical place, so I very quickly made my way back down and admired the ornate architecture from below. From SAFELY below.

A must-see if you visit Bangkok.

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