the smell of my desperation has become a stench

In spite of so much

My heart is burning as I swallow tonight.

I took Coco over to my sister’s house today and hung out with her entire family for the first time without Chuck. I didn’t go over there with both dogs on the regular, but Chuck was always a part of the package if dogs were involved. But today, just Coco. Who so desperately needed the attention and love and affection from so many willing benefactors. She got loved so much she slept all the way home with her head perched over the headrest on Marlo’s shoulder. And Marlo fell asleep against her furry ear.

So much crying.

They need rest, I need rest… this is probably why we are all so weepy. This dog of mine here, chasing BYU footballs all day today and making us all smile in spite of so much.

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