• http://www.geekbee.com bronwyn

    i love the feel-good feeling of meds. only i’m the silly one that feels oh so good and thinks ‘yeah! i’m fixed’ and goes off them and suddenly one morning it jumps up and bites me in ass and i’m crying at hallmark ads… i envy your commitment. get better soon.

  • http://www.kozyshack.com/index.asp mule rider

    I feel your pain sister- I was on anti depressants for about 6 years and the one i was on was like knock out drops- it was make sure you brushed your teeth and had no need to be vertical for nine hours or you were fucked. Changing meds is hard as hell, you have my sympathy. The family prayer circle sounds like a little slice of hell, but what I really want to know is, was it Kozy Shack chocolate pudding- ’cause that’d be a damn shame.

  • http://spikenheimer.livejournal.com spike

    love the post dooce.
    hate to hear you’re going through baby crawling on ceiling symptoms.

  • http://derettacs.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    … and I, after four years on personality in pill form, have been advised to “up it.” That’s sensitive, yet knows-me-too-well-to-mince-words psychiatrist speak for “you’re nowhere near normal. Let’s medicate!” My advice? Go with the switch, but never give up the French Fries. Those little spud sticks are what dreams are made of.

  • http://www.shauny.org/pussycat shauna

    such a bloody rollercoaster on those things, trying to find the right one. hope you have better luck after the switch. and you write so brilliantly about it, good on you :)

  • http://aprilgem.com/log aprilgem

    Don’t feel bad about the chocolate pudding; it looks the same whichever way it goes out. On the bright side of things, at least you’re puking for a good reason like changing medications. However, if you’ve switched to jelly bean Chill Pills, then I would guess that the puking is caused by something else entirely, and you might reconsider that biological clock as a prime suspect. In any case, I hope the switch goes well!

  • http:www.villapaita.com jimmypage

    try smoking dope and keep up on those meds. you’ll feel right as rain, in no time… soon to follow will be your very own lil-monobrowed baby that just can’t get enough miles davis. -jp

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca jennifer

    I was dubious about switching, but I needed to in case I do get pregnant. Things have changed in the 6 years I was on the oldies and the newies have me right as rain, but, alas, no sex drive. Hard to make babies when you are negative horny. Good luck lovely Dooce.

  • mrpibb

    Anybody know which antidepressants are safest from a prenatal standpoint? Hope you feel better, Dooce.

  • http://amindofamind.blogspot.com Naaman

    One of my friends can no longer “taste” the bubbles in soda thanks to his meds…very odd. In other words, he can’t feel the carbonation popping on his tounge.

  • unsanemom

    Zoloft, (Sertraline, SSRI) is the safest a-d regarding prenatal concerns. My kids look fine anyway.

  • http://www.perilsofleisure.com Paula

    You poor thing. I’m one of those people who has phobias about throwing up, so I completely sympathize. Speaking as someone who has a bunch of stomach ailments, my advice is: Ginger Ale, saltines (carry around with you always), ginger candies from your friendly chinese market and doggie kisses.

  • http://chewbekkah.blogspot.com black b

    say, dooce, have you thought about trying acupuncture to help you get through this difficult stage? i know the pacific college of medicine offers treatment at lower prices too, as i know it can be a pricey solution…maybe magic needles will make the dead baby go away.

  • http://thetextobscured.net ismat

    Are you sure your father and members of my family weren’t in cahoots somehow? Like, telepathically discussing why the hell the damn kids wouldn’t just “look on the bright side already?”

  • http://convivial.blogspot.com Heather #2

    I’m so sorry you’re going through all you described. Whether you believe in it or not, my prayers are with you.

  • rd

    Huh? What did you say? I think I fell asleep while reading. I’m in the middle of switching mood stabilizers. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • http://acupuncture.com/Acup/Acupuncture.htm ex-liontamer

    I second Black B’s idea about acupuncture. Even though it can be mired in touchy-feely-new-agey-pachouli-covered-muck, it did help with a back problem I had several years ago. Western medicine wasn’t cutting it; Darvocet made me ill. After a few sessions, the chronic pain was gone.

  • drew

    i’m with jimmypage. smoke a joint.


  • http://www.antisocialdiva.com antisocial diva

    i’ve been on prozac for awhile now and it works for me. but i also have a thyroid problem which doesn’t help the depression issues and, sadly, made me fat which, in turn, didn’t help said depression problems.

    i understand. i am a sleepy girl all the time. good luck finding the balance you need.

  • http://www.thesafeword.com/daily/kerry.html Kerry

    Geez Dooce, I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry if the pudding was homemade…

    My favorite thing to throw up has always been cold Pepsi, because it’s usually still chilly and carbonated on the way back up.

    Also, my anti-depressants gave me hot flashes, and once almost caused me to boot all over my soon-to-be boyfriend.

  • d

    If you like donuts, I’ve been told they aren’t too bad “the second time around”.. you could give it a try. I’d assume they mean the plain ones, not chocolate. :)

  • ex southern babtist

    Sounds like you have had that virus that everybody else has been having…including me. In the past 2 1/2 weeks I had my share of the porcelain god, trust me.

  • Angelique

    …. speaking as an-ex prozac taker…. i totally sympathize. during the time when i was on “the’zac”, i didn’t have a single solid movement. gross. i lost tons of weight and looked very calista. you will be fine. switching meds is tricky, and your doctor may not get it right the first time. kudos to you on your quest.

  • http://paulsboutique.blogspot.com Paul Gutman

    my sympathies–it sounds vaguely like my migraines, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    Just a word of warning on the dope–not that you aren’t big folks who can handle their smoke–but I know of some people who went through serious personality changes (for the worse) when combining a-d’s with weed.

  • http://www.redteamgo.org jen

    you may have tried this one, but Effexor works well if it’s a serotonin imbalance. might make you indifferent to the world though.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    you’re sexier then ewan. ;)

  • http://flipsycab.blogspot.com Flipsycab

    Have you tried Celexa? It’s supposed to have the lowest side-effect profile. It worked really well for me when I could afford it!

  • http://www.kaneblues.com/ kane

    Sounds like withdrawl symptoms from weening yourself off Paxil. Have you had an urge to stab anyone lately; more than usual that is?

  • Lynn

    What’s going on here — is *everybody* here on anti-depressants?! Guess my life ain’t as bad as previously thought…

  • http://flipsycab.blogspot.com Flipsycab

    Lynn, depression is an epidemic in the U.S. and it’s under-reported. You do the math.
    Don’t mean to sound rude, but I didn’t take my meds today.

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    Darling Dooce, I have no meds to recommend, but when you do finally bear those adorable monobrowed babies, I want to come feed them chocolate pudding.

  • troy

    what a coincidence. i am listening to ‘girls on pills’

  • http://www.gullbuy.com/buy/02/9_3/pages/droyds.htm The Droyds

    this is the album for you

  • vilija

    Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and experiences about depression – an illness that society heaps its assumptions, perceptions, and prejudices upon. Every little bit helps.

  • http://mrshoefly.livejournal.com Shoefly

    Strange that you post this, as it seems everyone I know is quitting some sort of chemical within the last week. My best adivce is candy, and lots of it. Best -S.

  • http://lifeafterb0rg.blogspot.com WebGirlie

    Doooooce, once again, you’ve stolen my thoughts. I went through the same thing regarding med-jumping. I’m not sure if it was harder on me or the people who had to wonder what my mood du jour would be, depending on what stage I was in trying a new med. Prozac, Trazodone, Effexor, Depakote, etc etc etc. I did find that Effexor worked somewhat well for me and it is supposedly not one that will interfere with trying to get pregant.

    Well, that’s what they SAY…but I ain’t pregnant yet so they could be lying. I think stree plays a much bigger role in conception (hell, and depression) than we give it credit for.

    On the baby front, have you thought about Chlomid? That’s the next step for us. While I’m concerned about multiple births, the thought of giving birth to an entire potential management team in one fell swoop could be interesting.

  • http://lifeafterb0rg.blogspot.com WebGirlie

    I said “stree” but I meant “stress”.

    Sorry, I’m all streed out today.

  • kath

    For me, pregnancy was the all-time best anti-depressant. Also a 9 month respite from migraines. And taking care of an infant kept me nearly cheerful for quite a while. Of course, for some people the opposite is true. I didn’t finally give in to the medical solution until 4 or 5 years later, when Prozac cheered me up for a few weeks, after which I went from a functioning depressed person to non-functioning non-person. Took me years to get the courage up to quit the meds and the useless weekly sessions with the self-absorbed Fraud clone. Oops, I meant Freud clone… Can’t say this fixed my life; I still sleep too much or too little, occasionally get depressed and irritable, but at least I’m not dealing with the side effects, which in my case included bursitis, for chrissake. Good luck, girl, hope it gets better soon.

  • r3

    If you think chocolate pudding is bad, just try upchucking pizza (which is what I was doing 2 weeks ago while wrestling with a migraine). Pizza USED to be my favorite food.

  • http://quixotical.org anna

    Having once made the insane decision to go off Paxil cold turkey without a doctor’s supervision, I can understand your pain. Yay for fluctuating brain chemicals!

  • http://kflood.net Kyle

    Sounds rough, Heather. And those bastards at apple make switching sound so easy.

    On the other hand, what ever possessed you to desire an active lifestyle? Oh. Wait. You’re married now. Gotcha.

  • Kevin from Seattle

    It’s a tricky situation. Wife spent about a year on Prozac when it was fashionable but finally quit. Said the aura of gloom was still there while she was taking the meds, but her mind was wrapped in about eight inches of fiberglass insulation – so she wasn’t suffering the depression, but she also wasn’t feeling much of anything else either. She no longer takes antidepressants, is not always cheery but feels much more like a real person. Me, I’d be very concerned about any kind of chemicals in my system if I was trying to get pregnant.

  • http://www.duke-kim.com Duke

    Good luck, Dooce.

  • eve

    wellbutrin, sarafem, & celexa all left me still crying at year-old grocery store muzak – asking (most tolerant) hubby how it felt to know I had to medicate to live with him – I did quit smoking (for a while) -put on 20 lbs – 3yrs, still crying (a little less), still married – when is it okay to go into the light?

    Good luck!!

  • http://www.woops.org colleen

    poor dooce :( i’ve been taking effexor since may and i dread the day i have to switch to something else. if i miss a dose by two HOURS, i get really ill. not fun. good luck, though. modern medicine rules.

  • Suzy the Nurse

    Wow seems like a lot of people need a daily dose of Dooce in addition to their prescribed chemical therapies… Zoloft indeed is the most baby/breastfeeding safe antidepressent on the market… You will be breast feeding wont ya Dooce???? I Can’t wait to hear those stories :) SOOOO VERY GLAD YOUR BACK BTW!

  • deadking

    i think the worst thing i ever puked up was pepto bismol so pink and so thick it actually hurt trying to puke that crap up

  • Alex

    I switched from Stummmies to Gleemonex, and I feel great. So far no side effects. I don’t think there will be any either…won’t you take me to FUNKYTOWN

  • http://www.whereveryouare.org/ Vaughan

    I’ve rarely heard (or rather, read) anyone write about this issue so well or so wittily (yes, I did say wittily). Having been on Seroxat/Paroxetine (sorry, don’t know what they call it in the US) for one year, previously off it for 18 months, and then on it three years before that, I can vouch for its particular side-effects – the most pleasant one I can mention also being the tiredness. My thing is that it’s led to me trying to take it at different times to minimise the impact of half an hour or so when I just want to fall asleep. I also go through regular internal debates with myself about whether I really want to keep maintaining my emotional equilibrium via medication – but then I remind myself that I’m a nightmare to myself and everyone else without it. So. Gosh, isn’t the brain a marvellous thing? And isn’t medication sometimes the funniest thing on earth? Good luck with your switch. I’ll get me coat.

  • http://arielmeadow.com Ariel

    Two articles you might appreciate: