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    The first time my young dog saw snow was on a driving trip last winter. We took him along with us and when we stopped in Salt Lake City there happened to be snow and ice — lots of it. We let him out to go pee and he was confused and excited. Within 15 seconds of touching snow he has slipped and broken his leg it two places. It was tragic. Be careful with Chuck! And enjoy your roadtrip!

  • http://www.cultofx.com Dallas K. Sneckner

    Great mix. Bon Voyage, and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

  • http://www.moveablebeast.com peggy

    Does Chuck know he can legally have several wives in Utah? Have a happy, safe trip.

  • Nora

    I’m strangely honored that you’ll be stopping in Seattle on your journey from one home to the next…our lovely rainy town gets an actual visitation by Dooce, hubby, and Chuck, in person. If it isn’t raining while you’re here, make sure you look at the cloud formations in the sky, and watch the light on the buildings downtown. Phenomenal, and why I fell in love with this city.

  • Alex

    I want to hug all of you, really.

  • stace

    my first thought is that i feel really, really old now. thanks a lot. i think i’ve heard of two artists on your list. not sure. i really enjoy your site, dooce, but now i’m really depressed. and somebody the other day said something about middle-aged something or others. ouch.

    have a good trip. and best wishes on the next chapter of your lives. wow. that DID sound like an “older” person.

  • http://feministe.blogspot.com ms lauren

    oh, elliott smith. if there were ever a brilliant and ugly m-f, it is him. but oh lord, i would lay him if i ever had the chance.

  • Mr. Creepy

    Hey, Ms. Lauren
    What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
    Come here often?
    Can I buy you a drink?
    Do you want to see my Elliot Smith impression?

  • ex southern babtist

    Speaking of dogs in different places, the first time I took my Labrador to Lake Tahoe we hiked all the way down to the water on the east side. As soon as she saw the water she jumped off the rocks into it. I’m telling you that water was near freezing. You could see the shock on her face. When she tried to get out she couldn’t because the boulders were too high. I watched her for a while to see if she could find a way out. Finally when she started going under I climbed down and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and back and pulled her out. Goofy dog!

  • http://www.uhaul.com The Inmate

    Having moved thrice in the past two years (once abroad even), I have one piece of advice: take all you can from the place you are leaving, and try not to leave yourself behind.

  • http://www.uberdesign.com/ nick

    L.A. will miss the dooce.

  • http://www.talkingcrow.com/blog/ rosebaby

    hey look! polygamy porter!

    (shoot, hope html in comments is ok). drive safely.

  • http://www.talkingcrow.com/blog/ rosebaby

    oh, i’m sure we could stage something worthy of the queen here in seattle. should you wish to grant audiences, of course.

    in fealty.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    finally… some one else who knows elliot smith.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    finally, some one else who knows elliot smith.

  • http://runajrun.blogspot.com anna

    thank you thank you thank you

  • http://sx70.blogspot.com sx70

    ok, dooce and the husband and chuck… come back. we miss you already.

  • dMN

    dooce, i was trying to tell my friend that not only were you mildly brilliant, that you were hot too, but i c

  • dMN

    dooce, i was trying to tell my friend that not only were you mildly brilliant, that you were hot too, but i c

  • damn

    dooce, trying to tell my friend that you were hot as well as mildly brilliant, but couldn’t find your wedding photos anywhere on the site. what the hell?

  • Michele

    I hope you find the kind of life you are looking for in Utah :) Your home will always be where Jon and Chuck are but I give you credit for having the guts to make yourself a better life and for moving back for bigger reasons than why you left. Great tunes…hope you have a safe trip. xo

  • http://planetafroasia.com little afro


  • http://planetafroasia.com little afro

    P.S. – Elliot Smith is that deal. On the real tip. When I’m not pumping Ghostface Killah or Bebel, it’s Elliot all the way… “I’m in love/with the world/through the eyes/of a girl…”