• http://notsograceful.blogspot.com anna jr.

    i want to know a little bit more about what you are wearing.

    WHAT are you WEARING?

    ii am trying to grow my hair that long right now. at 32, i think it’s high time for some rapunzel braids.

  • http://www.longpauses.com Long Pauses

    Oh, Dear Lord, what is it about Pink Floyd that continues to strike 18-year-olds as so perfectly profound? My senior quote:

    “Long you live, and high you fly, and smiles you’ll give, and years you’ll cry, and all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.”

    He hangs his head in shame.

  • http://bathtubgin.blogspot.com the joker

    in high school, it probably never would have occurred to you to put “Absolut Kurant” and “motherfucking truck” together in a sentence…referring to gwyneth’s boobs as “poor little saggers” probably woundnt have happened back then, either. But we love you now, dooce!

  • http://www.sourbob.com/ sourbob

    My senior quote was a Replacements lyric.

    Look upon my indie cred and marvel.

  • http://moodswung,blogspot.com bunny

    Dang you, woman, you are making me feel OLD…(class of ’77)…it was amazing how old everybody ELSE looked at my 20th reunion. I think the only real reason to go to a reunion is to see what your old high school crush looks like now.

  • http://www.paulgutman.net Paul Gutman

    I know, I shouldn’t speak, having not gone to my fifh a year and a half ago, but there’s surely value in being able to point at the erstwhile-beautiful-people who are now some 60 lbs heavier EACH and seeing that they got what was coming to them.

  • http://www.turbanhead.com/mt Fab Morvan

    Please accept our apology. Rob would have apologized to if he were alive today.

  • http://www.bathtubgin.blogspot.com windowsill wendy

    I feel your pain, and I shared almost all of the characteristics you listed above. Except I sang “Friends are Friends Forever” instead of “The Rose.” I think I even have the same hairdo in my Sr. photo. Ugh. Right now I’m raising a strong whiskey to growing out of all that. Cheers.

  • http://www.injust-spring.com Alex

    my Ten Year Reunion, back in 1999, ended in typical southside Chicago Public School fashion: a fight broke out at the banquet hall and security had to come to break it up.

    Sure brought back tons o’ memories of 5th period lunch…

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca anotherjen

    I can’t even watch the preview for that High School Reunion show through my fingers. It makes me almost hyperventilate. I didn’t go to my 10 year. I just search people out on the net to see what losers all the popular kids have turned into. I am always disappointed when they are still popular 15 years later and this is after therapy. I suspect the crowds would part like the red sea for you at your reunion. Aren’t you famous everwhere lovely Dooce?

  • http://n/a moose

    …just wait til you’re 42 lookin’ back at 28…
    just gets better and better…way mo better.

  • Your Correction Officer

    I have yet to have a reuinion come up yet. I was one of the biggest dorks in my highschool, with coke bottle glasses, fucked up hairstyles and a whole 130lbs soaking wet among other geek themes. I’m also proud to say that I’m one of the tv movie of the week style miraculous transformations in that I’ve corrected all that stuff and gotten ridiculously good looking and successful since I left. I’m going to enjoy my reuinion.

    Oh, and by then I’ll be a police officer, so I’m going to be repeating the line from Grosse Point Blank “I should have brought my gun” all night and mean it.

  • Your Correction Officer

    Okay, seeing as how I misspelled it TWICE, I would like to correct it as REUNION.


  • http://www.lompyville.blogspot.com Kukuberra

    You’re pretty. Second: I love The Rose but tend to be more ironic about it now. Cause I’m a clever New Yorker. Third: The one thing Mormonism has given me I can’t seem to shake is the devout, testimonial, sincerity of a true believer. Although what I believe in now makes god cry.
    Utah sucks. :)

  • http://quixotical.org Anna

    And here I was, happily living under the delusion that no one could truly believe Rush Limbaugh was a prophet of anything, let alone God.

    Thank heaven you saw the light.

  • http://www.pumpkinjuice.com Jenny

    I skipped my 5-year, and I’ll probably skip my 10-year too. I went to a Utah high school as well, but super-mormon girls like you were always either a cheerleader or on the drill team. They didn’t talk to me, I was a dirty little hippy. In my senior year picture I had a hemp wrap hanging down my long hair, and a 3″ beaded bone choker around my neck. I think my senior quote was a Grateful Dead lyric.


  • http://swirlspice.blogspot.com Irk

    Did you misspell “Quayle” on purpose?

    I checked to make sure I spelled “misspell” and “Quayle” properly.

  • http://hammerland.net/ Xanthan

    Dooce, take that lovely bearded spouse, the former Congressman and a bottle of Maker’s Mark with you and hold court. At 10, half the folks will be real and they’ll be the ones who want to hang with you. The other half will still be poseurs, and they’ll provide your table with sport.
    Vive la Dooce, vive la difference!

  • http://www.nicoledale.com fine, call me dirty

    I have that same dream! I’m not kidding! for some reason, our entire class is back in high school and having to do one more senior year, and if you don’t finish it then everything is null and void, and it’s just so retarded and infuriating that I’m grumpy when I wake up . . . and I secretly boast “yeah right, like they’d ever get me back in that asylum, I don’t think so, bizzach!! I’d go kung fu on your ass!”, but inside, deep deep inside, I know that if they really made me, . . . . I’d . . . I’d do it. How pathetic is that.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    irk: thanks for the heads up on that. not surprisingly, i take in knowing that I have to spell check Dan Quayle and not Christina Aguilera.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    - I skipped my high school reunion, and I don’t think I missed much.
    - The “V” clubs at my high school were called “The Untouchables” and “The Undeniables.”
    - While you were writing about the Mormon church in your AP English, I was learning about art history, water music, and ’60s rock music in my AP English class because my teacher was so very hip and liberal that she wore nothing but clothes from the GAP.

  • http://bornalion.org jess

    by the time my 10 year reunion comes around they’ll probably have torn down my high school. and rightfully so. they couldn’t drag me back there for anything. not even a million dollars.

  • http://www.incae.edu The Inmate

    You graduated in 93? Wow…that was my first year in college.

    Suddenly, I feel like such an underachiever.

    Then again, my comparatively puny eyebrows never got me any special considerations.

  • tommy

    I was a little ahead of you while all this was going on, and I thought you were pretty nifty. We were all a little strange back then. Some of us got stranger. I have to admit, if I had known about your fascination with limbaugh, I probably would have taken him more seriously. I told you we were all strange then.

  • http://www.bagclaim.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Jayzus, I sang “You Light Up My Life”. I can’t sing. I had one of those amazing transformations after high school and became what I heard the football god call me at the 5 yr reunion-”a fox”. My best friend and I went suped up on ecstacy which made watching the formerly “cool” people doing the electric slide far more bearable. At the 10 year I took the opportunity to tell L and H that they were mean ass bitches in high school when they went to hug me and tell me how great it was to see me. Ladies, ladies, selective memory is a wonderful thing! My 20 year is in 3 years and I can’t imagine wanting to see the progress of receding hairlines and expanding waistlines. Methinks I will stay home. Great post Dooce. As usual. Floyd, dude.

  • SnarkyPup

    I once played the banjo in front of my entire school at a talent contest.

  • http://www.jadedturtle.com Michael

    Luckily we had an open bar at my ten year. I went with a few friends that I still talk to, and just sat back and had our own little fun.

    Of course I had just broken my elbow 5 days earlier so I had an instant conversation diverter.

  • http://jason.defillippo.com/blog/ Jason D-

    At least you can get the new Fabrice Morvan CD in a few days on which he really sings very well…


  • http://markzilla.blogspot.com Craniac

    I’m flashing to “Election” and “Michelle and Romi’s High School Reunion”.

    I can’t even bear the thought of reliving the past year of my life, let alone high school.

  • Craniac

    Please include a dorky photo, as opposed to this rather elegant one.

  • a freshman in college

    ahhh…the memories.

  • http://www.playapixie.org Dawn

    I’ve resisted adding you to my “links” for a while now, thinking to myself that I have got to quit adding only popular bloggers. But this post put me over the edge…I just can’t resist reading your site every day. It’s popular for a reason…it’s good!

    BTW, I thought I’d hate my 10 year reunion, but I actually had a nice time. You never know…

  • http://www.hot995.com/djs/vibe.html vibegrrl

    Just for the record, THAT is NOT a unibrow.

  • tommy

    you look beautiful. love the hair. you didn’t go to Briarcrest, did you?

    and for sourbob, there was absolutely nothing indie about the Replacements in ’93.

  • http://panajane.blogspot.com/ Jane

    I love your hair! It’s beautiful. How long did it take you to grow it that long? Did you ever get your hair cut?

  • Me

    hmmmm interestin..im still in hs ..this worries me now lol maybe i should watch what i do or say so i dont regret all of it

  • MJ

    Dooce: you are beautiful, then and now :)

    Paul: 5 year is too soon for a reunion. Everyone is the same except they can legally drink and think they can finally fuck the people they couldn’t get in high school(wait, are these bad things??)

    Kelly: I hear you. 20 years and my image of the class will be changed forever. I know, I know, not everyone will be fat and bald. I just want to remember everyone *snicker*

    High School Reunion is exactly what we would all regress to if we were forced to stay together for an extended period instead of one drunken night. Funny but all group environments that we find ourselves in the years following graduation all manage to become high school all over again. Just take a look around you at your jobs….

  • MJ

    That was supposed to say..I just want to remember everyone just the way they were *snicker*
    Kind of took away the effect of the snicker…

  • galt

    “her hair looks really nice.” –agent freeman in grosse point blank

  • Adrienne

    As a 1997 grad, I have to say the sappy grad song was “These are the days” by 10000 Maniacs (or maybe just Natalie Merchant, I can’t remember). Christ, I think I heard that a thousand damn times my senior year.

    On a totally unrelated note, two weeks ago my best friend’s brother got married. His new sister-in-law sang at the ceremony. “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles during the lighting of the “unity candle”. I am so not making that up.

    Take a moment and savor that image.

  • http://arielmeadow.com/electrolicious Ariel

    My senior quote: “I feel very secure in my overcoat of dreams. It’s got a fear-proof hood, and reality resistant seams.”

    That’s not TOO bad, but let’s not about how, in my graduation speech, I mentioned that “the class of ’93 is the only class the has the honor of graduating the same year as our friends on ’90210.’”

    As for me, I’m TOTALLY going to my reunion this year. I can’t wait to see what became of those fucking freaks! Oh hey, wait a minute…

  • Natasha

    Dooce, you look awesome in that picture. And “nappy hair long enough to hit your waistline” isn’t so bad–though to each their own, of course.

    Go to the reunion, only ’cause you know everyone probably turned out worse than they ever could have dreamed they would. It’ll give you something to laugh about. (And then, by extension, all of us!)

  • http://www.incae.edu The Inmate

    Looking at that disturbing image for the eleventh time today, I just realized something.

    You look pissed.

    And I don’t mean pissed in a prom-dressy, big-hairedy, padded-braey, bishop-confessee kinda way.

    Oh no. There is a fire of pure incipient rebelliousness against all that is good and holy in the Mormon faith within that brow-crowned stare.

    I kinda like it.

  • http://mygodshesaid.blogspot.com mygodshesaid

    my 10th reunion is next year.

    i’m still in the V club.


  • http://www.blurbomat.com the husband

    Inmate: You are creepy.

  • http://www.emptywishes.net kismet

    my senior quote wasn’t actually a quote of anything, just something lame I wrote. something like:

    “there is a first time for everything, and I have finally fallen speechless.”

    I was a real big mouth in high school.

  • yesno0001

    That hair is Photoshopped, right?

  • kath

    You poor thing! The main problem is you don’t have enough years’ distance between you and, well, THAT. I mean, I wrote a paper in College Freshman English about how women could find fulfillment in volunteerism instead of burdening the work force. Fortunately it has now been 30 years and I now find it howlingly funny, but for a long time just the thought of it made me turn red and nauseous.

    By the way, is your hair related to Jane Seymour?

  • http://dvloranger@aol.com Desiree

    At me 10-year one of my classmates (not someone I was close with, but just a fellow trouble maker – Bryan A.) said the nicest thing to me – that he went to the reunion hoping to see a select few, of which I was one. That was the first time we had seen eachother since graduating, and we have not been in contact since, but it made attending my reunion worth it.

  • tommy says so

    ohmygod tommy. you’re not seriously talking shit about the Replacements are you?