• http://www.escribitionist.com Jane

    Bah… My high school years were definitely NOT the best years of my life, and definitely something I’m not brave enough to share with the world. Kudos, Dooce, for having the cojones to share this era of your life with us. :-)

  • http://www.xanga.com/freshandnippy Christine

    My God. I sang “The Rose” as a duet with my best friend from high school. Singing the rose in front of copious amounts of people is a rite of passage, me thinks.

  • http://faith.scenario.com faith

    Just be prepared for a complete Grosse Pointe Blank experience, and you’ll be fine. Take a flask of vodka with you, slap your nametag (which is sure to have your senior photo on it) inside your coat, and hide in a corner somewhere.
    Or maybe that only works for me.

  • http://blab-o-rama.com Beerzie Boy

    Willingness to show big hair yearbook picture on blog: $10

    Willingness to admit to attending a Milli Vanilli concert: $20

    Willingness to admit to crying over the demise of Milli Vanilli: Shameless

  • http://lovely-girl.blogspot.com Jory

    Those are some hot ass cheekbones.

    But please, at my school, there was a full-on “Virgin Lip” club, those who had never kissed anyone (I fessed up to thinking this was a club for those who had never performed oral sex, and I swear to god, the whole school practically disfellowshipped me.)

    Did I mention I went to school in Utah (did I need to?)

  • http://nope Buckosmack

    Sweetie, just don’t tell me you think that’s actually Brittney singing live up there and all is forgiven.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/sarahallison Sarahallison

    “constantly told other people they were being so immature”—eek and look at her now, and all her poop talk. (me playing the girl you hated from high school)

  • http://www.bluishorange.com alison

    we had a “V” club, too, with a secret sign. you made a peace sign and put it near your eye, like so. it was supposed to be a secret sign, but i think everyone knew we were virgins.

  • http://www.ofrenda.org/theta esther

    whoa, girl. your normally refined and elegant bone structure has frighteningly fatless joan-rivers-esque proportions in that photo.

    also, i agree that High school is like the best and scariest show ever. that girl natasha may be a bitch but the tall girl is scary. “my future husband”? please.

  • Mr. TP

    you have come a looong way baby. i think its time to show all them naysayers that your not a virgin anymore. oh yeah you might want to get a “cammel back” for all the booze you will need. acutally i had a great time at mine, but only 4 people rememberd my name. weird.

  • http://volume22.blogspot.com Scott

    Ye gods, woman, how did you ever escape and become sane?

  • http://www.jennifermurray.net Jen

    Cheers to growing up!

  • hartwell

    Apparently scary song performances were a sign o’ the times… I sang “Let’s hear it for the boy” (from the Footloose soundtrack) at a school talent show, complete with original choreography and my own clothing design. Very, very scary.

  • http://thepropagandist.com the propagandist

    the bishops kiss with tongue?

  • Sheila

    Correlation between long, heavy hair then vs. bouncy, cheeky hair now?

  • The Drifter

    dooce, i love you like a sister now, but i get the feeling we would have HATED each other in high school, mainly because every mormon girl i went to school with was like you, and y’all just stressed me out way too much (one of many reasons i never plan to attend a high school reunion — another being nobody could ever live down the head fulla mullett i had)

  • http://madmodpoetgod.com joseph

    I have a similar kind of dream often. but i’m still in college, and it’s gradeschool I often have to go back to. For differant reasons each time. Sometimes it’s just a class… offered at the gradeschool…

    yeah, and there’s always a mix of kids from differant eras in my life. but the teachers, the teachers are all the same.

  • http://www.antisocialdiva.com antisocial diva

    i watch that show too and it freaks me out how most of them haven’t changed and the ones that have, well, desperately want the respect of the “in crowd” which just blows my mind. i hated high school. i didn’t go to my ten year reunion. and it BUGS me that there are people out there who think that high school was the best time of their lives. blah. but, anyway, the latest show is being repeated tonight and i can’t wait!

  • http://www.meamea.blogspot.com Miss Mea-Mea

    Good Grief. What bomb went off in your life to do such a complete turnaround? And are you planning on pulling some sort of truly outrageous prank at the reunion to totally shock everyone whene they see you?

  • http://www.ct-cc.org/log/ Katie

    My quote in the yearbook:

    “Don’t walk in the sun if your head is made of wax — Ben Franklin”

    I can’t imagine what possessed me (I can’t remember choosing that, either).

    Scary stuff. I was one of five (5!) of my classmates that went on to graduate from college, out of 65 total.

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    Actually, I think you look beautiful in that picture. And I like your hair. And I’m not kissing up to you. And and and.

    I also loved Milli Vanilli. And the sad part about it is that even though I found out they weren’t doing the actual singing, I still loved them. And I never did find out who was doing the singing for them. I love “Blame it ont he rain.” But that’s just me.

    I’m a loser like that. :o ) I enjoyed your entry, Dooce.

  • http://footinmouthdisease.blogspot.com Naaman

    I somehow managed to take many, many pictures for my yearbook, but only appeared in one very tiny spot. Thank god!

    Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah!

  • Kate the Great

    Man, would I love to hear the story of your deconversion.

    As for your reunion–DON’T GO! Mine is coming up in two years, and I’m already steeling myself against the dark urge that longs to know what’s happened since that loathesome hot blonde overachiever got pregnant right after graduation.

    By the way, I am the meanest. In case you hadn’t noticed.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    i was in a V club too!

    i just couldn’t get laid.

    not for lack of trying.

  • http://footinmouthdisease.blogspot.com Naaman

    I am publicly making a vow never to quote Milli Vanilli ever again. That fucking song is stuck in my head now!

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    Mine too Naaman! But it could be worse — yesterday morning I woke up with the Juicyfruit jingle in my head and couldn’t get it out for many hours. I’m sure now it’s going to slip back into my mind and I’ll give myself brain damage trying to get it out.

    Get. Out. Damn. Song!

  • http://www.moveablebeast.com peggy

    I think you should go to your 10th. I missed mine but went to my 20th, only to discover that a guy I dated who used to look like Ted Bessell from “That Girl” had aged so much that he now looked like Leonard Nimoy. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    Is that some Caruso hot rolling system up in there?

    Your pout is flawless.

  • the media

    too damn swass.

  • http://www.sourbob.com/ sourbob

    My nightmares all involve a certain spinster AP Physics teacher. *Shudder* I swear to gawd, if you say her name, I’ll fly out to Utah and follow you around for weeks yelling out that AP English teacher’s name.

  • Kristin

    What’s scary is that I see so many parallels to my school experience…just replace Mormon with Catholic and Milli Vanilli with New Kids on the Block…of course they were really singing, but in a pretty embarassing way!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/sjc sjc

    That hair. THAT HAIR.

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this: I once made a mix tape for an object of my affections with a Debbie Gibson song on it. This was going to a girl who was big into U2. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

    Oh, and skip the reunion. Remember: the ones most excited about it are the people you least want to deal with. And a high school reunion without a bar is just bad news.