• http://swirlspice.blogspot.com Irk

    I live in the middle, up top, and we call it pop.

    And if you are waiting on me at a restaurant, and I ask you for a Coke, and you ask me if Pepsi is okay and I say no, don’t give me a dirty look.

    The Pop vs. Soda page has a really nifty map: http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/

  • http://irvingplace.net/blog Kayjay

    Never had a deep-fried MArs bar, but I have had a Snickers Chimichanga. Oooo baby.

    Soda! It’s soda people.

  • chunderchud

    I prefer, sodi-pop. That way all my bases are covered. And while snickers certainly are delectable, I’m a peanut butter cup man myself. I mean, peanut butter + chocolate…mmmm… get me to the balcony at the movies!

  • Dave Thomas

    Language After the South Rises Again

    - What kind of ford do you drive?
    - A Honda.
    - Mine ford is a Dodge.

    - Want to pet my dog?
    - Sure. Wait, why is he eating me?
    - Because he is a bear.

    - Is this gun loaded?
    - No.
    - BANG! (dies)
    - “No” as in “yes,” dumbass.