• http://5corners.blogspot.com candace

    Just had to say that I love the Thermals, and it’s good to see them getting the praise they deserve. Did you see them this month in SLC?

  • http://fudgeit.blogspot.com bushra

    but if you do get a bad cut, you too can work at H & M! like the chick i saw with chunks of her hair shaved off and the rest all spiky and stuff. i think she might be a time traveller myself.

  • http://glynnis.rocket-fish.org glynnis

    I, too, have suffered through experiences of “at least you can write about it on your website.”

    to which I say, “Well, why don’t YOU write about it on YOUR WEBSITE. you’re perfectly capable, you know.”

    this is to say: I hope I never belittle someone’s day by reducing them to their font color, syntax, or broken images.

  • http://www.etherdrift.net/arnoldcam arnold

    This Lola… was she a showgirl?

  • J

    so been there. spent christmas with my mom for the first time in like 5 years (different countries) & it was only 2 weeks. by the end of week 1 i’m like “FOR FUCK’S SAKE I’M A MARRIED 27 YEAR OLD GET OFF MY CASE DAMMIT!”
    but really, i love my mom. i love her more when i’m several thousand miles away. :)