• Xiobhan

    Yes, children may smell good, but do they have puppy breath? Also, don’t keep in touch with them. After enough time you will have achieved mythical status in their young memories as one of the coolest people they ever knew. They’ll share stories about you to new friends, they’ll secretly wish they were you, they’ll remember you as perfection and you can’t beat that. Everyone should have someone like that.

  • http://www.aconstantblue.net/log Lin

    Those drawings are adorable!

  • http://www.planetsocks.com krotchbat

    I’m gonna cry. That’s pretty damn sweet.

  • Leah

    Love this one!!! Kids. BEST thing that ever happened in my seemingly dull life. It’s like having your heart walk around outside of your body.

  • http://feministe.us/blog/ ms lauren

    my kid rocks, that’s for sure. i knew that when he started singing the clash and pumping the horns high in the air (or as high as a three-year-old can).

    the strangest things about parenting is knowing that you are writing in a blank book, shaping and warping those little minds. (evil laughter)

    good luck on your baby-making. even if you don’t get pregnant immediately (now! now!), it’s always fun practicing.

  • http://peggasus.blogspot.com PJ

    My son’s friend informed me recently that you should wash eggs before you use them because they come from a chicken’s butt.

  • todd

    this is what i keep telling my friends about kids and none of them believe me. when i fessed up that i would love to have one or two, i thought some of them were going to drop their teeth. this is not the type of info that single gay men can handle very well for some reason. idiots! you and blurb rock and you will make great parents. you’ve had great practice with that cute chuck. granted kids are not the same as dogs, but you have to start somewhere. when are you closing on the house, by the way?

  • http://www.xanga.com/ShapeShifter anamika

    those kids would knock my socks off. what a group.

  • http://underwearninja.com UnderwearNinja

    Ally will be the one with natual art talent. It’s rare for a child of 8 to actually draw in perspective, such as the hind legs and how the head actually sits forward. I hope someone keeps her stocked on art supplies =)

  • Shawn

    Conversation between 3 year-old son and myself:

    Son: “I have a great idea”
    Me: “What is it?”
    Son: “A great idea”


  • http://gtmcknight.com Taylor

    I love the pictures! Theres something soo..soo.. honest that comes out when kids draw things. As far as the kids debate goes..(only judging with my experience with my little sister) it is a cycle. They are incredibly cute and fun in the early years, then become a pain, then are fun, then become a pain, then hopefully end on the fun note. Do you have names picked out already?

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com christine

    All kids/babies are cool from the start. It’s the parents that can make or break it. christine

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~lex.alexander/lexblog.htm Lex

    Man, IRK totally stole my idea.

    Dooce, you’re gonna be a great mom. As for “spoiled” kids raising hell in restaurants, etc., you childless people would be *amazed* at what kind of misbehavior one can overlook when one is in the throes of sleep deprivation.

  • http://zchannie.blogspot.com zchamu

    Do you actually have a shirt in that funky green color?

  • http://panajane.blogspot.com Jane

    I was first thinking, what the hell a nabor is and then it hit me; it was neighbor. How adorable. Smart kids rock.

  • http://www.jenidoescollege.com Jeni Does College

    I really like how Alex made your lips look like a fabulously red sombrero.

    Thought I’d say hello and let you know I really enjoy your writing.

  • http://www.employees.org/~spike/journal Spike

    Ah, kids who are worth it – they’re such a rarity. I’m lucky – three of my brothers have lovely kids, all interesting and smart and funny. And they do love their Uncle, even if he’s the only one who can be an ogre with them and get away with it.

    Love the blog, although you should get a cat and lose the dog. ;)

  • http://www.withice.com Silvia

    lock ‘em in the closet until they are old enough to mow the (new) lawn! – or make you a cocktail – kidding…sort of.

  • http://convivial.blogspot.com Heather #2

    It’s like the traveling cowboy just stumbled into town and the nearest saloon and spit right on the toughest sharpshooter without even knowing it. He’s laughing, but all the joe’s and ladies in the bar are silent, staring, waiting to see what the tough guy is gonna do.

    Spike. Lemme let you in on a little secret: CONGRESSMAN CHUCK IS NOT JUST ANY DOG.

    I’m totally grabbing a margarita and a front row seat, waiting for Dooce’s response to this one.

  • Dave Thomas

    If the dog’s all that, let him defend himself. Let’s see them claws a-clickety clickin’ on the old keyboard, tell you what.

  • http://www.jodiverse.com Jodi

    I’m impressed that Isabelle used “you’re” instead of “your”. She could teach many adults a thing or two.