• Quick Electoral College Note

    To Fujiko and others asking about the electoral college:

    It’s set up like this so that candidates have to pay attention to ALL parts of the country.

    If the election were only up to the popular vote, candidates could go campaign in the most populous places and tell the other parts of the country to screw off.

    A state has more power and gets more attention if a candidate stands to get a whole block of support, not just a percentage.

    It is a flawed system, obviously. But if you live in a little state or in a less populous one, it’s your only chance of getting a candidate to care about your needs and issues.

  • http://skattered.blogspot.com cara

    That photo is bad ass. I love it.

    I voted in Texas. I didn’t get a sticker…unless someone stuck it to the back of my shirt when I wasn’t looking. Go Kerry!

  • http://www.euphoria.nu Kerri

    my voting cherry was popped today! :D

  • Fujiko

    Thank you, but when was the last time a one of the four P/VP candidates stopped in North Dakota? I don’t remember Kerry or Bush or Cheney or Edwards ever stopping here in this year’s campaign. To me, that’s just as bad a saying “screw off”. It seems that maybe the system isn’t as balanced as one might think.

  • http://www.xanga.com/heathabee heathabee

    Good Luck America, I hope it’s Kerry for ya! Us Canadians are keeping our fingers crossed for that!!

    PS. those were ADORABLE halloween pictures of Lovely Leta

  • Kristen

    I voted in PA, for Bush. The first year I’ve been able to vote for president.

    *waits to be flogged with stones*

  • LadyBug

    Okay, so probably no one will see my comment waaaaaay down here, but…
    What I’m picturing, from your voting story, and the fact that Leta looks so much like Jon? Is Dr. Evil with Mini Me in the Baby Bjorn. And it is positively cracking. me. up.

    I’m SO embarrassed that that movie makes me giggle.

    Oh, and I voted early. In Texas. Before it got cold and rainy.
    But no sticker. Sigh.

    God bless,

    P.S. — The Halloween pics (and story) were absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing, Dooce!

  • kelly

    I totally moshed the vote. And the inner-8 year old is happily stickerfied.

    Now comes a full night of television and internet, with hopefully little yelling at either one.

  • http://www.airea.blogspot.com Airea

    I live in montréal, so i will not be voting today, but hurrah for american voters!

  • http://occupant.org/anna anna

    So here’s my beef with the electoral college… It ends up that candidates don’t ignore all the small states, but that they do ignore all the “non-swing” states. All the swing states are getting pandered to and courted and fawned over, but solidly blue or solidly red states get ignored. So what the electoral college aims to avoid just ends up happening to different states… right?

    I think I’m for the popular vote, or at least a proportional electoral college (where, if a state voted 60/40 for Kerry and Bush respectively, then 60% of the electoral college votes would go to Kerry, 40% to the devil… er… to Bush, sorry).

    Then you wouldn’t have people feeling that their votes “didn’t count” because they didn’t agree with the majority of their state’s voters.

    So that’s how I understand it–but I’m open to some education on the topic. Anyone?

  • http://honestmom.blogspot.com/ Lorie

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many Texans here! I voted two weeks ago!! woo hoo!

  • Bob

    I think, in today’s information age, the worry that candidates will ignore certain parts of the country if it was all based on the popular vote is a bunch of hooey. Between radio, TV and the internet, there are few areas of this country that aren’t inundated with the candidates’ messages. As the North Dakotan up there noted, neither candidate stepped foot in ND this year, so what’s the difference? The information on their platforms and stances is out there – does it matter if you see them in person? Most of us never do.

  • http://cowboyjunkies.fotopages.com juli

    Other than the top spots, my pathetic ballot had nothing but ultra-extreme right-wing zealots on it so I wrote myself in for about five local positions. In a town this small, I might actually win one of those spots. I may have to watch the news tonight to see if I have to go to work tomorrow…

  • http://www.debutaunt.com debutaunt

    Houston here. Voted blue last week. Yay. Um … sort of.

    We feel like our vote doesn’t count because a) we are surrounded by assclown friends of Bush. b) they don’t even show ads for the presidential election here. None. I’ve seen. None. c) This is Bush’s backyard. He rules here.

    But damnit, I sure would laugh my ass off as well if the state went Kerry. Lots of asses would be left scattered around.

    But I’m predicting Bush. My co-worker’s cousin got a call today in Florida (black, male, lives in Florida) Said the guy told him that the Republicans vote today and the Democrats tomorrow. Seriously. It happened.

    I’m totally not surprised. I predict it will take a week or more to figure this out because who ever loses will sue. I’m sure both sides have lawyers waiting on that.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/slickgothgurl/ slick

    i just got back from the voting place! it was a school! yay!

    just kidding. i cast my vote for kerry/edwards. i’d like to say that my vote doesn’t matter because i live in boston and boston is kerry country, but after 2000, you never know. so i ain’t takin’ no chances, yo!

    hooray for today! i’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!

  • Coco

    I’m having a voting party in Pittsburgh tonight for 15 friends, ALL of whom voted for Kerry. Suck it Shrub!!!

  • momoftwo

    i’ve never been witness to so many people whining. your vote counts. the system is the way it is. end of story. if you want to change it, quit whining and do something about it. and being so proud you voted. no shit. it’s election day. it’s your duty as an american in a free country. it’s called “democracy.”

    no matter what the outcome, we’ve got to pull together after this craziness is over. just remember that.

  • Quick Electoral College Note

    Anna’s, Fujiko’s, and others’ points are all valid. And I’m not trying to sell anybody on the electoral college — I’m not it’s biggest fan. I’m just trying to shed some light on the logic of it.

    Without the electoral college, a candidate could campaign in CA and TX and pretty much ignore the rest of the country and its needs. EVERY YEAR. Election after election.

    Yes, swing states got all the attention. But maybe YOUR state will be a swing state next year. Look at NJ: it turned into a swing state — and got attention — at the last minute. You never know.

    Did the candidates visit ND? No — ND as an individual state got the shaft. But if a candidate ignores the needs of the entire region — ignores water rights issues and land use and ranchers and farmers and other issues important to that part of the country — important to ND and SD and CO and MT — they know they’ll suffer. In a popular vote, they wouldn’t have to care about that part of the country at all.

    Anna, if your state could split 60-40, no candidate would ever bother campaigning there. It wouldn’t be worth it. They’d spend their time and money on a state where they could get a bigger payoff.

    I don’t love the electoral college, but I hate the idea of a popular vote. Anybody else have any other ideas?

  • B in the big D

    Just to add another Texan to the list – I voted early the very first day you could – stood in line for almost an hour and ALSO didn’t get a sticker. My dad got an extra one for me at his precinct – it says “My Vote Counts” – oh, the irony. HOWEVER, let’s keep in mind, fellow Texans, that even if our vote might not make a difference in the presidential election, there are plenty of congressional seats on the ballot that are going to be ridiculously close. Doesn’t anyone remember the rampant Republican gerrymandering of the last legislative session? District lines were drawn up to cut out the Dems (who ran off to Albequerque in protest). So for those of you that know what I’m talking about: Go Frost! PS – I make no guarantees as to my spelling or the exact details of said gerrymandering…i’m busy trying to look like i’m paying attention in class…

  • http://www.smallredsneakers.com Michelle

    I was registered as an absentee voter but I couldn’t make up my mind until today. That means I had to strap my baby into the Bjorn and truck it down to the polling place. I was impressed with how many people turned out to vote. Just as I was filling in the bubble for the man I begrudgingly picked to be president, my son pooped a most enormous and loud poop. Consider his vote cast.

  • Sara

    Actually, momoftwo, it’s not one’s duty. It’s one’s right. And since this is a democracy, I think we can whine all we want.

    And just because I’m feeling bitchy, and I think dooce would agree, but I am in no way speaking for her, it is simply an opinion… If you don’t like the whining, go away.

  • http://bluemonkeylove.blogspot.com/ Joey

    I felt empowered to vote and sad when I saw people leaving because of the lines. I was actually bold enough to ask a few if they were coming back. I know I am rude American, but hey it is my right to be obnoxious.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/cplayer Burning Bush

    I voted John Kerry in Massachussetts. It is a bit meaningless, but if Kerry loses, I’d at least like the country to see a popular majority in his favor. I think that this would send a message.

    Please take a look at this political mumbo jumbo and GO VOTE:

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    You all are very very tall!!

  • Amanda B.

    Yes, whatever happens tonight and tommorow…can we all agree to be nice to each other for cryin’ out loud?

    If your candidate loses, you will no doubt be upset, but let’s not go to pieces shall we? Things will be ok. They may not be the way you want, but you can take action in your own life to inact change. In 4 years, we’ll do it all again.

  • http://www.eyedigress.com EyeDigress

    Another Canadian for Kerry! Unfortunately, I am in the process of Naturalization, so I was not allowed to vote this time around :( I am in a swing state, hopefully, we will have a definitive result tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • Kim

    Man oh man have I NOT seen a Bush or Kerry campaign ad. In fact, there really aren’t that many political signs up. We’ve been watching them online and they are sooo funny to see.

    Yes, the state will be cluttered with asses if Kerry wins!! And I’ll hear nothing but moans and groans from my wonderful diehard Republican FIL but it will be worth it. I hope he lives for another election or I might feel obligated to vote in honor of him next time!

    I agree – the electoral college is stupid. It just doesn’t make sense that a candidate can win the popular vote and lose the election. But that is the way it is!

  • Chris

    If you don’t know who represents you in DC, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • http://www.debutaunt.com debutaunt

    There were a total of 16 democrats running in my precinct. The rest of the 37 races were completely unopposed republicans. It’s Red City out here in the burbs of Houston.

    Not like any of us said we DIDN’T vote because our voted didn’t count. It’s just that our blue votes won’t make a difference in the outcome of the Presidential election. You don’t have to be captain obvious to understand that here in Texas.

    I’ll be glad when all this crap is over and Dooce.com goes back to talking about poop. It’s something all of us seemed to be able to discuss without venom.

  • Erin

    I voted by absentee a week ago but went to the polls this morning and got a sticker! I work on a university campus and it was so cool to see lines and lines of students all waiting to vote!! So much energy today.

    GO KERRY!!!

  • http://line-noise.com/journal jackie

    florida voter voted! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something about the “i voted” sticker makes you feel so much better than everyone who doesn’t have one. IF YOU HAVEN’T VOTED GO NOW BEOTCHES OR I WILL CUT YOU. the line at my precinct, only a half hour ago, wasn’t very long and i got up to the machines within 20 minutes. totally awsome — most people seemed to have taken advantage of early voting and others went at 6am this morning and foudn their “clever idea” of voting early was shared by a majority of the population. moowahahaha. lazy men win again.

  • Sara

    Amen, debutaunt. Bring back the poop!

  • http://www.ximena.blog-city.com Super Turtle Girl

    Dooce–I was hoping you would say this: First you vote and then if we have a repeat performance of the last year…you STRIKE.

    That’s right, a general strike! Sadly, this means that we will not be able to get pizza for several days, or months or so. (Usually this site is great for dieting. I lose my appetite almost every time. But this time I wanted to both eat pizza and procreate (except I’m too young for both).)

    Debutaunt-You didn’t feel the venom in the air when we discussed poop? Or was that poop in the air when we discussed venom?

    I’m sorry but it’s never going to be over. NEVER. We’re always going to hate each other this much.
    The electoral college isn’t justified. Quick electoral college note note’s is just another justification for the interests of a very, very small minority in certain regions carrying a ridiculous amount of weight. Do you think that the electoral college protects everyone’s rights? No–maybe it helps Wyoming and the Cubans in Florida. But does it help the Bronx? If this concern you worry about isn’t spread evenly and fairly–and it isn’t– I’m afraid your justification doesn’t hold water.

  • http://symbioticfishes.blogspot.com Fish

    I, for one, would like more talk about drinking. I know it goes on, Dooce. George wasn’t taking a picture of your pizza. He was shooting your BIG ASS BOTTLE OF JIM BEAM to expose your sins to the world.

    More drunken underpants remodeling, please.

  • http://angoras.blogspot.com/ TracyDee

    I voted… got the sticker and everything :)

  • IHateToast

    i, an ANN RICHARDS texan, voted over 3 weeks ago from brisbane, australia. just after john hoWARd was re-elected. they call him a bonzai… a little Bush. i just hope he’s now the only bush.

  • http://patrick-nelson.com Kahli

    My husband’s big bro lives in Manly and he sent his NH vote in while he was here for our wedding… thank you expats in OZ!!!!

  • Steve

    I like BUSH! And, I would love to have Bush for four more years!

  • http://www.mintyfreshphotography.com katrina

    I voted….for Mr. Kerry.
    Go voters go!! :)

  • the niffer

    I was watching a bit of Detroit news and it appears there has been some intimidation at some of the polls. In addition to that, things seem so disorganized that people have been leaving after waiting for 3 or more hours. I felt sick to my stomach.
    So I popped onto to Dooce because I knew there would be lots of comments today. The story about the woman and the kids and the dog gave me shivers. And the excitment you’re all sharing about the importance of this day is contagious.
    I’ll be watching the fake news at 10 on the Daily Show as a concerned Canadian here in London, ON. I figure if our worst nightmare comes true, at least I can laugh about it.
    Thank you, George, for the awesome shot of Chuck’s butt.

  • http://www.none.com catherine

    now, how can I watch the election results when it’ll be more fun to read election rants on dooce!

    heck, forget about “being nice”, it’s just the internet folks – no one ever got physically injured from being flamed…c’mon! let the venom fly!

    like this: Bush is a moron. Faith-based reality ??? WTF! Are you kidding me? Christ, he’s an embarassment on the human race.

  • betty

    I had an absentee ballot filled out for KERRY and took it in person to the polling place and had my 2yr old stick it in the slot.

    No sticker but the local coffeeshop is giving out free cupcakes just for SAYING that you voted, no proof required!

    And if there is any voter supression going on, please report it at: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

  • http://www.homepage.mac.com/ajmarq Pooze

    Hi. I live in France & voting from CT…. AND I NEVER GOT MY BALLOT! I registered for it LAST FEBRURARY!! I sent in the “back-up” ballot & I PRAY it went wherever it was supposed to. I voted for Kerry, as did every expat I’VE personally met so far in Europe. (I hear there ARE friendly folks voting for Bush, and at a Kerry rally one even gave us Kerry-ites the finger from a passing bus, so I know they exist.) Anyway… I voted, but it’s highly likely that *whoops!* my vote will have gotten lost in the mail AND I don’t get a sticker. But YEA- Ct is for Kerry. I know; Electoral College & all… but I want to show the world JUST how many of us wanted a change, even if we don’t get one!
    ( http://www.theworldvotes.org )

  • juju

    I voted Kerry and I am excited.

    Yes, Catherine, let’s all say it, our current illegitimate president is a babbling retarded monkey (no offense meant to retards or monkeys!)

    Rock on Voters!!

  • http://www.muworld.blogspot.com Moon

    GO KERRY!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/vicg/502438/ Vic

    I live in the UK. Please don’t vote in Bush.


  • http://www.urban-classic.com Leigh

    I forced myself to get out of bed at 6:15am and wait in line for an hour to help paint Wisconsin blue- and for a full time college student who works full time, that’s no small feat!

    And I got a big sticker! Whoohoo!

  • Quick Electoral College Note

    Oh heavens, Super Turtle Girl. I’m not “justifying” anything. I’m only explaining why the electoral college has a better chance of evening out the power than a popular vote would. Is is completely even and fair? No. Is there a better way? I would love it if someone could figure one out.

    I’m honestly interested — can you come up with a voting system that would help the Bronx? A popular vote won’t do it. The whole country will generally not care about the Bronx’s issues.

    In the current system, in fact, the Bronx actually gets MORE power than it would have in a popular election. Upstate NY always gets angry about the fact that all of New York State’s electoral votes usually go the way that New York City votes. The city often carries the whole state, because the city has so many people.

    I hate what happened in the last election. I am desperate for a system that would prevent it but would still make sure all parts of the country have to be listened to. I just don’t know what that system would be.

  • http://www.geocities.com/tabbie_faerie Tabbie

    Woohoo! First time voter, btu I went early to skip the crowds. I actually don’t know how Tennessee usually swings but I guess I’ll see later!

  • http://www.milesfromland.com Karl

    GO VOTE!!

    Even if you live in a blue state, you gotta vote for the other issues and candidates for things other than president.

    Don’t forget, we are also voting for control in congress!