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Bipolar baby, sweet little lady, driving me crazy

Yesterday Leta and I had a big day full of doctor’s appointments and cheddar cheese goldfish. I had scheduled her physical therapy appointment after her first nap and her nine-month check-up after her second nap because I wanted her to be rested and in good spirits and an all around lovely lady. You can do [...]


I know I am a sad old hag of a mother when I find myself thinking about what else I can store or pack away in the best invention in the entire world, THE ONE-GALLON ZIPLOC STORAGE BAG. I want to get naked and roll in a stack of them.

Confessions, Vol I.

1. I find men in headlamps irresitably sexy. 2. I have a crush on Norm Abram and Tom Silva. 3. Per number 2, I watch “This Old House” in slow motion with my tongue pressed against the screen. 4. Jon is growing out the beard again, and this whole entry is just my way of [...]

Beautiful Blonde Outlet

I don’t know who this woman is. But she was dressed as an outlet, and her husband was dressed as a plug. And I really liked her smile.