The beginnings of The Beard

Beth took this shot also. Jon had been raking leaves for over four hours, and damn! I still wanted to eat him alive.

  • Amanda B.

    “NO David Duchovny! You can NOT have Mango!”

  • jm

    1) Jon! My, my, my, my, my. His Royal Hotnessssss. Purrrrrr.

    2) I am biased because my hot, super tall spouse has a beard and uses power tools. All of which LIGHT MY FIRE! S.E.X.Y. S.C.R.U.F.F.Y T.A.L.L. Yum.

    3) It is funny to note that the first time my 7 year old niece kissed my husband goodnight on the cheek, she skipped up to him, leaned in for the peck, then backed up with this look on her face of “AWWWAAGGGHHHHHH!” She’d never kissed the cheek of a bearded man before. We thought she was going to either cry or hurl. I told her that she would understand when she was older. Leta doesn’t mind, no?

    4) If it is good enough for The Senator, it is fine for Leta. I ate my dog’s biscuits when I was a tiny girl, and nothing happened to me. If you get ANY email from that post, just forward them to my address because they deserve a reality bitchslap.

    5) Now I am hungry for tacos. What is UP with that?

  • Sheryl

    Dana, you could try the licking thing, and then if it didn’t go over well, just tell him he had some bearclaw crumbs or salad dressing there (wherever you licked him) and you were just trying to help out…

  • Becky Lee

    Maybe you should try “Jesus wants me for a SUUUUUUN-BEAM!”

  • Michael

    I would say “Luke” from Gilmore Girls.

  • MrsDoF

    Four Hours to rake leaves?!
    You need to get a mulching mower. The leaves just disappear, and the yard is so green when Spring comes again.
    Although watching a man’s shoulders while he is raking….

  • Mir

    Hosanna in the highest! ;)

  • Liz

    OK now that I’ve regained my composure, I would have to say that I think he looks more like Luke from Gilmore Girls than anyone else I can think of… I’m surprised no one mentioned it before!

  • Fish

    Michael’s got it!

    not that I admit to watching that sappy, un-manly show …

    Okay, okay, my wife makes me watch it…

    the dog ate my homework …

    … aww crap.

  • Liz

    Or I guess I could REFRESH and see that Michael beat me to it… Anyway, hooray for hot guys with stubble-type beards! I just love a guy with a bit of facial hair ;)

  • DM

    There’s this guy I know that I may or may not want to lick (although I am leaning more towards the yes, God, please give me the opportunity). Yeah, he’s doing the beard thing for winter. And I am seriously thinking about tackling him in the copy room. Which is bad. Bad Dana! Bad!

  • DM

    Oh, yeah, I was going to add that the beard is very hot. Sorry.

  • emily

    he is hott. h.o.t.t.

  • Sheryl

    “You people — if there’s not a movie about it, it’s not worth knowing!”

    Now that you mention Dogma…
    a movie line and a meta-joke in one.

  • Mark

    I think I need to get me a Nikon D70, until I can afford a Canon dRebel anyway.

  • Mark

    Oh sorry great pic btw! and they cost the same grr.

  • Kristina

    Wow is he hot.

  • Angie

    Jon looks nice with his winter plumage – and it matches his hair colour, which is good.

    My husband has brown hair but his beard hair is ginger – that is NOT good. (Nothing wrong with ginger, but blimey – hair should match)!

  • Coelecanth

    Where the hell were all you beard-lovin’ females the last time I was single, hmmmmm? Mind you I don’t look like the Blurbmiester, sigh.

  • Tracy

    You know where you’re going if you sing ONE MORE MORMON HYMN? Just ONE more line? That’s right, lady – ass-first into the leaf pile.

  • Peter Hentges

    Looks mostly to me like he’s doing that ,”you know … the thing … with the part … and you … with the squeaking …. You know?” thing.

  • http://http::// Big Gay Sam

    I surprised you weren’t singing “I am a child of Gooooooood, and HEEEEEE has sent me heeeeerrreeee.”

    ahhh… Mormon culture.

  • Meep

    “See, now, if you’d let me buy that leaf blower like my horoscope said, I wouldn’t be out here, still . . . “

  • Jaclyn

    I really think he looks like a young Robert Dinero in that picture.

  • Josh

    Reminds me of Christopher Walken right in the middle of an awesome monologue.

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Four hours raking leaves! That must have been one big leaf pile.

  • Trish

    Dear God … If I had that in my house, I’d be singing hymns too …


  • Fish

    Sheryl: Smart ass?

    I prefer playful and fun-loving.

  • Angela

    Damn… That is one fine looking man you have there.

    Way to go girl, way to go :)

  • Sharon

    “Yeah, you’re right, I have been raking leaves a loooooong time. I was clean-shaven when I started!”

  • karen

    He’s enough to make this ol’ lesbo want to reconvene the procedure with men.

  • Sarah

    Ooo, ruggedly handsome!

  • Sheryl

    Josh: As Christopher Walken, Jon says, and waves the finger:
    “I could’ve used a little more COWbell.”

    Fish. Why you shy violet, you.
    Coy wench, umm…err, wrench.

  • Suzy

    Hmmm, Is it me or does he look a little like Charles Shaughnessy from “The Nanny” in this pic?

  • jodi-no-blog

    I just have to say, after reading the comments left by those who are faithful Blurbodoocery readers… what an f-ing COOL community we have here! I love how folks have worked previous Dooce postings into the humor of their comments. What a bunch of smart and funny folks, if I do say so myself. :)

    Um, that wasn’t lame or anything… was it?

    Uh…OF FRANCE! Or something.

  • Liz

    WOW! OK sorry… have to wipe off the drool. You are a very lucky lady, Dooce.

  • Mari

    There’s definitely something excellent about a man with a beard. My husband has a mustache and occasionally threatens to shave it off – but I think he does that just to make me scream NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ;-)

  • Sonia

    You think that’s cool? Try a Tastefully Simple party. You get to taste all 30 of their products! It’s the best party EVER!

    By the way, your husband is totally hot. Mine just grew a beard, too. What is it about that that’s so hot?

  • JuJuBee

    Hey!You changed “hozana” to “hosanna” and now my comment looks stupid. Hmph.

  • EvilBeauWeevil

    Hey for you people who no and again ask about so and so commentor’s blog or web site… (and mind you, Dooce draws some infamous and good authors pretty much daily)

    < >

    Aight? Aight! **

    I can see a few of you blinking at me – ok, come over here.
    You know how when you post, it asks you for your name and email *and a url otherwise known as web address*? If you enter a url when you leave a comment here and then someone clicks on your name, it will take them to the url you entered! *It’s magic*

    < >

    **(`aight’ is a nonstandard variant of `all right’)

  • jodi-no-blog

    I just went to a Tastefully Simple party last weekend, Sonia. It was awesome! You get to have all of the food they sell, and you become so attached to the stuff you HAVE to spend the money for fear you will never taste anything so perfect again. Its actually pretty ingenious….and evil.

  • H in Chicago

    He looks like THE BOSS! :)
    I love facial hair – so glad my hubby has it year round! Ahhhh.

  • prileee

    He looks exactly like John Corbett from Northern Exposure and My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  • Ruby

    Hey, ‘Fish’ shared his website from here and has the audacity to list YOUR website under “BLOGS THAT WASTE MY TIME”. Your site does seem to waste a lot of his time!

  • Saladwhore

    From the thumbnail I thought those were going to be Leta’s pinkies.

  • Vicky

    “For relaxing times – make it Santori time…”

  • kim

    damn, he is hot!

  • Heathertoo

    Those tupperware people are freaks! I had tupperware lady stalk me for 2 years, because I had whispered to a friend that “I might have one of these parties” Well you know how quiet we Heathers are when we’ve thrown back two glasses of wine….

  • Julie

    Drunkenstein is pretty cute

  • Sue From Ohio

    Leta’s got it going on…as a person with …*gasp*…anxiety, I personally enjoy the rawhide chews myself. I figure they HAVE to be safer than pen caps (which I about swallowed once, not pretty).

    And the Tupperware party was GRRRREAT! I just hosted (that’s right, HOSTED) a Pampered Chef party and they give away orange peelers too! Check out one of those parties..not only do you get a free gift, but FREE FOOD TOO!!!