She will never know what life is like without TiVo

There are three objects in the world that Leta loves to play with, objects that hold her attention for what seems like ETERNITY, maybe four minutes tops, but these objects are pretty reliable: the remote control, the cordless telephone, and my water bottle. I’ve done a bit of psychoanalysis on her obsession with these objects and my observations tell me that the only reason she loves these three things is because they are MY three things, the three things I constantly have my hands on.

One of our new pastimes is to hand Leta the remote control and watch what happens, because she knows that somehow that thing does something to the television and makes things on that screen change. She’s smart that way, and she’ll be facing me away from the television and pressing the buttons on the remote control, and she’ll crane her whole body around to see what change she has wrought.

On Saturday afternoon I turned on the TV and a BYU football game was on. I handed Leta the remote control, and what I’m about to tell you IS NOT A LIE NOR IS IT AN EXAGGERATION IN ANY WAY: Leta immediately began pressing the red “THUMBS DOWN” button on the remote, almost furiously.

Looks like this parenthood thing is going swimmingly.