Femelist 2004

Instead of doing a typical year-end review of things — I had a baby, and then I got really sad and angry, and then I ended up in a psyche ward, and now the baby has teeth, it was a good year — I thought I would open up a post about the women on the Internet who have touched my life.

Most of the year-end reviews I have read include a whole bunch of links to men and their websites and then more men and then more men. It’s not that I don’t think men contribute a whole stinking bunch to this wonderful place, I just think it’s time to REPRESENT, ladies. We are writing, we are designing, we are setting standards. We are uniting, we are building communities, we are giving the world a more friendly, more empathic, more beautiful voice.

Here is just a small list of the women who have helped me survive this year:

Heather Powazek Champ
Gail Armstrong
Claire Robertson
Margaret Mason
Sarah Brown
Mrs. Kennedy
Mimi Smartypants
Sarah Hepola
Melissa S.
No Title Yet
Juliet Martinez
Tracie Masek
My Lovely Beth
French Toast Girl
Old Hag

Please feel free to post a link in the comments to the women you feel have contributed to this whole wonderful Inter-world: Designers, writers, crafters, mothers, sisters, friends, lovers, photographers, editors, painters, illustrators, geeks, nerds, dog and cat owners.

Happy New Year, Ladies. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. It’s good to be alive.

  • http://uterinewars.blogspot.com Soper


    Oh come on, like you wouldn’t do it, too…..

  • http://ecoteat.blogspot.com Amy

    Julie at Perpetual Karma seems like a lovely person. I’ve been reading her blog for a while and it is really a joy to read and look at her photos.

    Here’s a recent post that is particularly moving:

  • http://www.blogmechanics.com/bob/ BoB

    Look who’s a finalist:


  • http://www.HowToWashAShowerCurtain.com Ana


    i may not have made a huge contribution to THE INTERNET, but making my comic strip and everyday quirkiness available to the www has made my online experience tops. and hey, im a woman!

  • http://www.zionide.org Nick

    I love a different Deb.

  • http://www.zionide.org Nick

    Ok, point taken: no links in comments.
    That Deb above should point to http://www.debcentral.com

  • http://www.nourlforme.com Just a Girl

    http://www.thefoodwhore.com gets my vote. I never fail to laugh at her catering antics.

  • http://www.shanntastic.com shannonk

    Dooce.com. Cause every single day there’s something on this here Interweb cyber homepage that makes me grin from ear to ear. I have always kept a diary site, but I converted over to a blog format thanks to yours truly and now it’s one of the funnest things I do ever week to post. Thanks very much. I really really appreciate it.


  • http://www.curlymcdimple.com curly mcdimple

    Thanks for the list and the opportunity to find more great blogs, Heather!

    Two of my biggest blog influences (and favorite margarita buddies) are:

    Jess: http://www.blindcavefish.com and Sheila: http://www.sheilaomalley.com

    Thank you and Happy New Year!


  • http://hester.mindsay.com hester

    I always check out Dooce then I check out

    KJ at http://kj4ever.blogspot.com/
    Pink Poppy at http://tall-poppy-diaries.blogspot.com/

  • http://temporarydisarray.blogspot.com Sara

    The creative genius ladies of Anothergirlatplay.com — specifically, Jenny Hart and Andrea Scher. Rock!

  • Leslie


    She’s the person I hope to be when I’m over 30.

  • cath
  • http://www.zophia.typepad.com ellen

    my favorite daily stops are

    sharyn at http://www.massdistraction.org/

    amanda at

    and as always http://www.dooce.com

  • bronagh’s mon

    thanks, dooce. happy new year.

  • http://prettycrabby.com Em

    I think all mine were mentioned – Miss Sarah Brown, Hashai, and Miss Doxie are up there as favorites. Also drunken bee.com, and Tomato Nation. I am a copycat!

  • Kelly

    GREAT idea! Here’s a brainy one that I read all the time:

    Half Changed World
    dc mom/policy wonk’s musings on work, parenthood, gender, politics, and the rest of life

  • http://www.magneson.com Charmless

    I didn’t see http://busymom.net
    http://www.themommyblog.com/ on your list. I love reading both of them.

  • http://www.poobaby.com poodaddy

    My wife makes this world go ’round for me. She gave birth to our first daughter, so I think she should win an award for being so tough during labor.

  • Dee

    Thanks a lot Dooce! One of my resolutions was to work at work, go figure, and here I am going through the list. Ah hell!

  • http://goodnightirene.typepad.com Laurel

    Andrea Seigel at andreaseigel.typepad.com/afternoon Thank you!

  • http://rileysmomma.blogspot.com Brooke

    Yeah, I’ll plug my own blog

    But most of all, I’ve loved reading dooce.com!!

  • http://www.supervelma.blogspot.com Cate

    I’ve found so many cool blogging chicks – other than you, the list includes jen at http://www.campain.org and trish at http://www.busted-stuff.com (who invited me into the VIP section of their sorority) and really all the girls as http://www.asschronicles.blogspot.com – who knew there were so many cool, yet completely screwed up girls?

  • ess

    hey there — this is actually a note on your monthly letter, in case you’re not familiar with taggies: http://www.taggies.com/home_us.html . my kid looooves hers.

  • http://jennymiller.com jm


  • http://alittledistraction.typepad.com Carrie

    Happy New Year, Heather!

    Some brilliantly funny lady bloggers here in Australia are the always controversial Ms Fits at http://reasonsyouwillhateme.blogspot.com and the lovely Jess at http://www.ausculture.com

    Looking forward to more Dooce in 2005.

  • http://jamf.net/wp/ maricar

    What the hell is wrong with me? Must be the mastitis.

    I typed a few already and closed the damn window. Anyhow forget that.

    The list of women I read are found on my blog list at

    All fine women I tell ya. They’ve helped me through months of bedrest, baby stuff, PPD stuff and just everything in general.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    dooce, thank YOU for making me think and making me laugh all year.

  • http://www.absquatulate.com Kris


    She’s one of my best friends, and while we don’t live in the same city anymore, she continues to be one of my closest friends and an inspiration. Thank you Naava!

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    i too want to thank melly. melly always sees the best in me. and nobody makes me laugh more frequently.

    melly i love you!

  • http://www.prettyinprint.net sarah

    Claire @ loobylu.com is consistently cute.

  • Janice

    I discovered a woman late in the year, Birdie at Beauty Dish (http://blogs.salon.com/0003522/) and her posts about her life as an Avon Lady and a mother who just met her birth daughter (given up for adoption two decades ago) for the first time have kept me laughing and crying. I want to give a shout out to her.

  • Michele


    Don’t know Andrea personally, but what I know from her blog makes me want to hug her.

  • http://dmkjr.com David Kornahrens

    Holy shit, the comments are expansive.

  • http://www.blurbomat.com the husband

    Heather, you are wonderful for posting this. I love you. Women, represent!

  • http://shinyandflammable.blogspot.com Joseph Russo

    my wife, Jaimee (http://www.anti-aliased.net) means everything and a half to me. She really has no idea how much she means, and I have no idea how I’ll ever be able to show her. All I can do is keep on trying, and hope someday she’ll understand.

  • http://www.helenjane.com Helen Jane

    I’m always a fan of Ariel at electrolicious.com ooh! and styrofoamkitty.com gets me happy too.

    Yay ladies!

  • http://talpidae.diaryland.com Shawna

    I read a few sites almost every day (including dooce) and I think I’ve seen them all above already but here they are again:


    And I’d especially like to give a nod to Zoot of http://www.misszoot.com for being awesome (and a great person to commiserate with over a shared issue before I got the nerve up to start posting about it).
    Happy 2005 ladies!

  • http://www.pyjammy.com/blog Pam


    I love her journal and her blog.

    also, did you know you’re mentioned in a slate article? cool!


  • http://www.styrofoamkitty.com styro

    Amy choppa gets me happy, as do Mrs. Helen Jane and Mrs. Jennifer Andtonicca… You and Mimi Smartypants are like, woah nellie. The baddest ass. Evar. F’realz. xxx happy new year!

  • http://heather-anne.com Heatheranne

    What a great post! I have tons of links (Yours being at the top of my list for inspiration) but I’m only going to share one. It’s a photoblog by a girl in Hawaii who has the most gorgeous pictures! I really admire her work.


    Have a great New Year Heather, Jon, Leta and of course Chuck!

  • http://www.katesdays.blogspot.com Katie

    Heather…while I’m sure my comment will get lost among the other 264, I would just like to say how much your web site brings to my day! When the baby’s crying and teething and crying some more you always provide a chuckle and help bump my day up a notch! Thanks! Another lady who’s helped me this year is my girl Steph…who doesn’t have a blog but is mentioned on mine quite frequently…I love ya girl! I would never have made it this year without you!
    Thanks again, Heather!

  • http://dailyrandom.blogspot.com Ian
  • http://www.misszoot.com Zoot

    Here’s a toast to YOU, my mom (http://emptynest.typepad.com), ellen degeneres, angelina jolie, and my dear friend: Karen Lowry. All who provide me inspiration and/or support. All who hold a little bit of what I’d like to be more of. Happy New Year to you all (and I’m only late posting because of my damn firewall).

  • Emechocat

    Just want to say thanks to you Heather. You make a huge difference in my life. Thanks for sharing these other amazing women with the world. Happiest of New Years to you and the fam.

  • http://jinx.nu Nic

    Bottom of the pile and very late in seeing this post.


    Happy 05 Heather and Family :) .

  • http://redhappens.com red

    dooce.com :)

    thisfish.com – she is incredibly entertaining and a lovely writer. i stumbled across her blog, and am now almost as dedicated to reading her website as i am to yours!

    happy new year — we are all glad YOU are alive and well.

  • http://uniquelyalike.com marie b.


    She recently helped me come to some pretty important realizations.

  • http://byronicwoman.blogspot.com byronicwoman

    these are my home-girls:


    thanks heather for being so open with your life. it certainly challenges me to live more honestly.

  • http://www.online-sources.info Christine

    Me. I’ve contributed a heck of a lot as a web designer, cat owner, mom, startup entrepreneur this year!