Moonbeam Lift, Solitude Ski Resort

  • Nathan Logan

    Might wanna get that checked out…

    Not the failure to work, but the plural.

  • the niffer

    Closet – if you ask nicely… My hubby’s been begging me to put photos of my ass on the net.

    Personally, I think it’s squishy and wide. But maybe with more curling…

  • Squish

    Have you guys been to this website?

    If you type in a name, it tells you, in graph form, the number of people given that name in any given year. It’s kind of a fun website.

  • Circus Kelli

    B4E: No, further South. The Oval beach I went to was in Saugatuck, MI or maybe Douglas… close to a really BIG hill with over 200 stairs going up the side of it with something like a huge golf ball on the top of it.

  • Chloe (is here)

    Oh, I did it all for the wookie! What? The wookie! Yeah! The wookie! I did it all for the wookie, yeah, the wookie!

    I apologize for tainting this delightful site with limp bizkit (how sad is it that I had to google the original lyrics to remember how the band name was spelled?). But seriously, the instant I saw the wookie reference, I knew I had to type it. Now it will play in my head all damn day, and I hate limp bizkit.
    Oh, and *winks at Closet Metro*.

  • Closet Metro

    Niffer, no pics of your “great form” (aka: ass) either. dang.

  • spoonleg

    oh yes, amanda b, your vaginas work just fine.

  • the niffer

    Just twice in my life. I wouldn’t call me a curler. Though my curling friends said I had great form. But they may have been talking about my ass.

    My hubby posted photos:

    None of me falling though.

  • ashik

    So, does one’s living in DC make one “washington delicious”?

  • the niffer

    Sorry, that was in response to BFE. I also type too slowly.

  • Amanda B.

    Hey! My vaginas didn’t work.

  • Amanda B.

    GreenThumb- sweet!

    Big Gay Sam- you can hang your ass out of my convertible any day.

    Niffer- winkwink.

  • Closet Metro

    Lily – Definitely not too young for a Pink Lady.

    Katie-b-b-a-w – how about Golden Orbs of Fle…, oh, wait, nevermind.

  • BGS

    I’m trying to send Dooce a pic of my big fat ass sticking out of a convertible.

    my big fat ass: (___!___)

    I tried finding a convertible to stick it out of but everyone ran screaming when I waddl.. walked up.

    What’s wrong with people? sheesh!

  • Amanda B.

    Are ya’ll talking about*VAGINAS*?

  • greenthumb

    okay Amanda B. it’s working now. (magic fairy dust???) HEY!!! there may not be a santa clause but we all know that there are FAIRIES…we’re everywhere. ;-)

  • Nathan Logan

    _I think for me, keeping up will consist of going back and forth between playing pat-a-cake and Dooce. Though I have to say when she grins and tries to laugh when we play, I’m sorely tempted to ditch Dooce…_

    Someone needs to get their priorities straight…


  • Circus Kelli

    Squirl, I thought I’d spelled your name wrong before! :) Sorry!

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    How about those Red Delicious? Or Rome Beauties? There are a lot of sexy-sounding apples out there.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    CK — the Oval beach in Grand Haven?
    Home of many a childhood humiliation for me?

  • Circus Kelli

    Desperate, desparate
    Tomato, Tah-mah-toe

    Almost time for me to go home…

  • spoonleg

    im cold just looking at that picture. i have never seen such snow.

  • lilyothefield

    CM, but are you too young for a Pink Lady??

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Niffer — you curl? I bow to your furious sweepingness!

  • Circus Kelli

    mental note: CM isn’t *that* desparate, er pervy…

  • bean

    first time poster:
    it is my experience that docs are overrated. that said, perhaps if they weren’t so overworked and could get some sleep, maybe they could do their job.

    i just figure that i know my babe and myself best. i go with my gut. always.(of course, this is after collecting any and all googled/libraryy info i can possibly get my hands on to make a sound choice….problem is, there’s too much info. not. enough. time.)

  • lilyothefield

    CK #378- well, that depends on which head you are looking at

  • Circus Kelli

    Squril — Cool. I didn’t realize you and B4E were sisters. :)

    My grandparents lived in MI for a while back in the 80′s. Around the Saugatuck/Fennville area. I have many fine memories of visiting Oval Beach and the pink ice cream store.

  • Closet Metro

    Lily, we’re way too young to be eating grannies.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Squril — you seem a little. . .dyslexic today.

  • lilyothefield

    yeah, but then she shouldn’t be so sour

  • the niffer

    Good for you Dooce! It takes a pair of big ones to snowboard. All locked in and stuff. At least with skies your leg can choose if it wants to crash with the other one.

    Karen Rani – long time no see! Did we get dumped on yesterday or what! On the upside, I was shovelling our driveway at 1 a.m. (ok, not the upside yet) when a really nice guy in a pick up plowed out the end where all the ice and shit is dumped by the city plow. Made my night.

    BFE – you would have enjoyed watching me CURL Saturday night from the warmth of the spectator booth (they serve hot choco and kaluha). First time I’ve curled in 12 years and I’m happy to say I only fell twice.

    Amanda B. – we always knew you were a pillow biter.

  • lilyothefield

    i feel like a perv/dirty minded dork for even thinking this

    i am sitting here, eating a very delicious apple, whose type i just found. it is a sweet, tart, and very cruchy. it also has a nice, descriptive name.

    i am eating a Pink Lady.

  • abc

    I’m leaving on a moonbeam, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

  • lilyothefield

    and i must say, a Pink Lady is better eating than a Granny Smith

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  • Circus Kelli

    LilyOTF: I think I just saw Closet Metro’s ears perk up… Gawd, I hope that was his ears…

  • greenthumb

    hmmm…apparently you can leave a comment but it doens’t indcate a comment in the counter. bummer cuz, someone left a comment and I didn’t know it. It was like finding a hidden treasure though…thanks Dang Cold.

  • Circus Kelli

    #377, Lily — Hee, that’s funny! Although, I’m sure Granny Smith might disagree with you.

  • Squirl

    I can’t even spell my own name. Gotta quit commenting when I’m on drugs for my flu.

  • Closet Metro

    spoonie – I’m just pervy with you. It’s our special relationship. You weren’t supposed to tell.

  • Squril

    To Circus Kelli from comment 91. I just realized that I live in Michigan to be close to my wonderful sister Bucky Four-Eyes. BTW, I did NOT give her that nickname.

  • Circus Kelli

    Katie B Bored: Yeah… when I’m writing a comment here from home, and Punkin is up and around (and learning how to read) I have to be quick about it… then she wants to know what I’m writing and to who and why… Meddling kids… ;)

  • Amanda B.

    No problem, dahling. Selfish motives, I need to pick your brain. You can help me with my plants like Twisted Uterus has helped me learn to birth a cow.

  • AndreaBT

    I think for me, keeping up will consist of going back and forth between playing pat-a-cake and Dooce. Though I have to say when she grins and tries to laugh when we play, I’m sorely tempted to ditch Dooce…

  • beachgal

    Another PA transplant, here, SFG and Katie-be-bored. From just outside of Pittsburgh, as well. Care to be more specific, SFG? Also loving being in the south where we don’t get (much) snow.

  • Katie-be-bored-at-work

    It is hard for me to get my doocing in when Little Patrick is around. He really likes Chuck, and he always wants to see pictures of him. He likes Leta, too (although he likes most girls). So, when I am trying to write a response to someone, he is saying “WHERE is Chuck? I want to see Chuck with the spaghetti nose!”

  • Kimmbberr

    Good to “see” you Ms. Dooce, I missed you terribly.

    Great picture. I bet it was snow-quiet out there.

  • AndreaBT

    Okay…it’s slowing down, and I’ve got baby on my lap…

  • Sarah

    This photo makes me think of Lorenzo Snow. He has his snowy-white-beard picture all over BYU, right? I wouldn’t know, my family escaped the Joseph Smith parade two generations ago, but I am told he is a great great (or not so great) uncle of mine.

    PS We just got a foot of new pow in Aspen and now it is Sunny with the blue Colorado Sky!