15 mos.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    I agree wholeheartedly with BFE. I am sure that Kate McQ would lighten up if she were to simply join Heather’s Harem for one day. There’s nothing more soul-cleansing than lifting Heather into her chariot and spoonfeeding her Metamucil and pop-tarts. These acts of charity also more than pay for her lowly Doocelings to go crazy in the comments section.

  • http://suburbanmisfit.blogspot.com/ suburban misfit

    Kristine: I did, and commented on *your* blog!

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Strizz, you are too funny. I love the word ‘hoochified’. Thank goodness Heather has years to go before that point – but I bet Leta will be a real handful. She already is a beauty queen, imagine her in fifteen years!

  • http://shiftyschiff.blogspot.com Rachel Schiff

    I am witnessing a growing resemblance to you in recent pictures of Leta. Her face is morphing into a doocelike shape and maybe the placement/shape of her eyes? Lips? Chin? Eyebrows?

  • http://warcrygirl.blogspot.com warcrygirl

    Absolutely adorable. My best friend’s sond didn’t start walking until he was about 14-15 months of age so I wouldn’t worry about it. Not every kid does exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.

    Heh, can’t wait til it’s time for the potty training. I can only imagine what you’ll write about that!

  • http://whfropera.com coskel/whfropera

    Geez – I go to the station
    and i find…
    Susie, I just reviewed the AM comments from the last pic and noticed you were tryin’ to bogart the Shiraz Greenie saved for me.

    Don’t mess with chicks who wear horned helmets – theres a lot of wine-drinking in opera-land – its pretty much a food group there.

    ok, back to the pretty music to go with the artsy pic of Leta.

  • Kate McQ.

    So, do all of you who hold in-depth conversations in Heather’s Daily Photo section actually donate money to her?

    Seems like an awful lot of bandwidth use for conversations not about the site. Bandwidth that Heather pays for.

  • http://bibaciousbabe.blogspot.com/ Vaida

    Perhaps Kate McQ should contact Heather to be her financial advisor.


  • http://dooce.migrantroo.com minxlj

    Kate McQ: Heather has the choice of turning comments on or off, if her bandwidth is a problem. She also earns money from the site, which more than pays for the bandwidth.
    Anyway, this is why we set up a Dooce Forum at http://dooce.migrantroo.com so people can chat about other things without hogging the bandwidth. Come on over and join us!

  • U.B.

    I love black & white photos. They give such a different, sort of nostalgic, feel to pix.

    Gorgeous pic.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/fragilelily/ AndreaK

    The cute!!

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Strizznizzey

    Heather, you totally got it. It’s not about tomoroow it’s about right now. Tomorrow she will be going to her prom in a hoochiefied dress with some hot guy while you fret if they are going to hump or not.

  • http://blog.mrtland.com mrtl

    I continue to be amazed at your pictoral representation of young Leta. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I haven’t discovered some corner of this site, but I have yet to see one picture of this darling crying or screaming or sad. She always looks peaceful, deep in thought, or happy.

    Even if you never post one, I do hope you’re taking them. They’ll come in handy later.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Torrie, Home Detention Lady always tips me off, but I don’t know from whence she gets the themes, or if they’re posted anywhere.

    I sure hope it’s One-Sock Week.

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.blogspot.com Torrie

    Bucky, do you keep a flask of hootch in your sock garter?

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Doesnt matter what it is, im backed up with boobie name pic requests for like a week.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Torrie, how do you think I keep my hoochie mama vibe goin’ on at all times?

    Flask? Check.
    Clothespins? Check.
    Flaming pasties? Check.

  • Mike

    Well then Jess, perhaps you should get busy with the camera.


    For those new to the pasture….

    I am hung LIKE. A. HORSE.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Well yes, but Im only going to do one a day because if I keep writing on myself and rubbing it off, I will be tender! Them’s my hoots, gotta be nice to the hoots.

    Yes Bucky, I said rubbing it off. Ready? GO!

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Strizznizzey

    I need help y’all, not like *that*.

    Any one remmeber when we were talking about the wrassler Chyna having a little dick? Well, ineed the scary porn link that showed it. THANKS! haha

  • naralius

    nilbo is not here either… this is quite…

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is it considered a “onesie” if I’m wearin’ nothing but a sock?

    And before anyone asks where “sir” is wearin’ the sock, it’s on my right foot.

    Let’s not be silly about it here…

  • Dayna

    Happy 15-months! And congrats on the pulling to stand position. She’s growing up so fast.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Lets NOT be silly Here….

    Did you read that before you hit post Bucky, or were you too busy adjusting your sock?

  • http://www.iprettymuchhateeverything.blogspot.com Torrie

    Does anyone know what the theme for Self Portrait Day is this week?

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Does anyone seriously think I _ever_ read before I hit post? If I did that, you’d never hear from me. Which, to some, would be a blessing.

    And my sock is just fine, thank you. Did I mention the sock garter?

  • http://www.vintauri.com/carla Crankenpants

    I wish my hair did that! Well it did when I was a baby. So my mom says. Can you come over to my house and take good pictures of my baby?

  • Mike

    Gooooooooder…Take my advice, get a kitten. Children are wonderful and cute, but damnit, they grow up and generally become useless for a good number of years before moving away.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Strizznizzey

    nevermind I found her penis

  • http://www.biggestapple.net Biggest Apple

    Completely edible.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Oh my gosh, Im so embaressed, I did my hair the same way as Leta today. Lets just hope were both not wearing the same pink onesie because that would just be down right tacky.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Jess, if you _are_ wearin’ the pink onesie, you must post pix to go with your new site design.

  • http://reformedstrippersanon.blogspot.com JessicaRabbit

    Bucky, Ok fine! Fine. Im not wearing the pink onesie. Im wearing Nicks eyeball pants.

    But that doesnt mean I wouldnt wear a pink oneise if I had one…

  • sab

    she gets more adorable with ever passing day. and your stories about her get even funnier!

  • http://lamonalicious.blogspot.com Mona

    I just love the newsletters. So wonderfully touching.

  • http://paintingchef.blogspot.com/ Susannah

    Heather, thanks again for such a great newsletter! I imagine that one day Leta will sit down to read all of these letters you have written her and just know how loved she is.

  • Smark!

    I loved the 15 month post.. wonderful pics in it! This one creeps me out a little though :/ Its a little too ‘Twilight Zone’ for my taste.

  • http://www.kempland4u.com Gooooooooder

    So damn cute.

    Why Dooce Why? I want no children! But the photos are sooo cute.

    i need a kitten.

  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    K, I have to say that in the first pic of the newsletter, Leta looks like you Heather. That is definitely a sassy Dooce face.

  • Drumcloc

    Long time reader, first time poster. I have been watching Leta grow up from your pictures. She’s so damn adorable and your honesty about the trials of parenting makes me feel like I’m not doing such a bad job…keep em coming.

  • http://suburbanmisfit.blogspot.com/ suburban misfit

    Katie, pretty close, but in German “w”s are pronounced like “v”, so change your “v”s to “w”s and you got it!

    Also, it’s “Er hat”.

  • http://www.danikabur.blogspot.com Danika

    Aww happy 15 months Leta! You are just too cute for words.

  • http://prettycrabby.com Em

    I want to eat her little cheeks.

    Happy 15 months, Heather. You’re doing great.

  • http://www.snickrsnack.blogspot.com Katie-be-bored-at-work

    Thanks Suburban Misfit!

  • http://hypersynaesthesia.blogspot.com Alex

    Heather, you officially have the cutest baby girl in the world. Happy 15 months!

  • http://hypersynaesthesia.blogspot.com Alex

    the cheeks! chubby baby cheeks!!!!

  • http://www.63days.com Alli

    could that child look more like her father?

  • http://randomandodd.blogspot.com Kristine

    Did you get my comment on your blog?

    BTW: The picture is cute. I’m a fan of B & W

  • jax

    i love the picture but i love the words more. Leta is going to have a wonderful journal to read when she grows up!